The Jonas Brothers on Faith

Jonas Brothers gallery of photos and quotes from the group about their Christian faith.


05/01/2010 12:50:30 PM

its really good to know there are famous people who share my ideas of believing. there is so many fakeness everywhere, aspecially with the christian belief (people who say they are christians to belong somewhere and because they think they should) but i really think those guys take it seriously. its good to know that. i totally aree with nick saying even if the world is pulling you down, with christ you have everything!


07/25/2009 02:01:25 PM

This was an Idea that came to me while in a dream state. We are to use his passing as a way to unite the world. BALCK AND WHITE NIGHT A TRIBUTE TO MJ FROM HIS FANS WORLDWIDE at 9:00pm on August 29th, 2009 turn off your power source (breaker) now its "BLACK" light a candle "WHITE" watch the world WAVE. This does several thing we save alittle of Mother Earth by not using any power for an hour, we prove that we can do something together. WE ARE THE WORLD & WE CAN MAKE A BETTER PLACE. Join me and hopefully million of others in this global statement of Unity. Please pass this Tribute on. Happy Birthday to US!


03/03/2009 08:40:04 AM

Dr. Gonzo...hmmmm:) As the Mom of a "tween" I went and saw the 3D Jonas Brothers concert. with my 12 year old daughter. I was prepared for the same reaction I had to the Hannah Montana 3D concert (I fell asleep). Imagine my surprise when I actually found myself listening to the music, watching the kids on the screen, and in the scene in Central Park thought, "Beatles to be" - I think once they get the Disney label off of them, they might just be able to show what they are made of and I see signs of actual talent there. I think they are very poppy, and great for a tween girl of 12, and pose no threats to anyone except the threat of the growing number of posters on the walls in her rooms. Truthfully, I don't care much about their beliefs one way or another; they are personal. However, I find it kind of nice NOT to hear words out of my daughter's mouth of the newest whoever's hit with "bitches", my "trunk", etc. coming out of her mouth. Being a strong proponent of Freedom of Expression, religion, etc. I still cringe when I hear her singing those lyrics. Funny how the lens you look out can change being the Mom of a Tween (for goodness sake's - when did I start using that term "Tween?")


02/05/2009 01:22:38 PM

To MBM~ I agree, Christ centered decisions ARE never wrong. Take the Crusades, Inquisition, or any act of deplorable violence. If they're done in the name of Christ, then it's OK. I kicked a Jewish kid in the nuts yesterday. He started weeping and asking me why I would do something like that. I told him straight up "You killed my savior, so there!"...... Just kidding; I'm not a christian. Or an atheist really. ps. ( . Y . )


12/04/2008 08:44:30 AM

The Jonas Brothers and their family have obviously taken a stand for Christ. This is more admirable than what individuals may have to say or think. A person's relationship with God is a personal one. It is not for any other person to say what another should or should not do in their decision-making. They are a young. Everyone that is born to this earth has been given the opportunity to find their own way. I pray that they keep it humble and go forth in faith. Always remember that as Christians our actions are to represent the glory and Word of God. JONAS BROTHERS & FAMILY - CHRIST CENTERED DECISIONS ARE NEVER WRONG!!!


12/03/2008 01:43:32 PM

Just wanted to respond to Dr. Gonzo. You're very hard on the boys; the brothers are young- the Beatles didn't start doing cutting edge work when they first hit the scene, either. Artistic maturity takes time. With a little encouragement, these young men could develop into the kind of artists who experiment, break new ground and use the voice they've attained through pop stardom to put out a positive and creative message. I've got a 14 year old daughter who thinks L'il Wayne is God- I'd rather she listened to harmless pop than messages of mysoginist sex and violence. If Either Wayne or the Jonas boys used their stage to inspire the younger generation to make a positive difference in the world, I'd be grateful.


12/03/2008 01:03:40 PM

The Jonas Brothers are to music what twinkies are to food. A pre-packeged, cheap alternative to the real thing. These boys are being paid to sell quantities of tripe to the adoring masses. I'm sorry but it's the same damn thing we've been hearing from mediocre pop bands for decades. They're not musicians, they're salesmen. As far as I can see it they have absolutely nothing to say that hasn't been said before by dozens of more talented musicians. If they actually experimented with music in an attempt to create something origional i'd feel differently. But that is not the case.

Meredith has ojd96

12/03/2008 11:43:11 AM

Hello. My name is Meredith Campbell. I am proud to say that i really am the biggest Jonas Brothers fan for about a year and a half now. I bought the "A Little Bit Longer" album when it first came out and have not stopped listening to it since. You guys are my true inspiration and when i saw about your Christian Faith my heart melted even more. Joe, your the funniest guy ever. Nick, you cute curly hair is adorable. Kevin, your skills on the guitar amaze me. I went to your Burning Up concert at the Allentown Fair on August 30th. It was the best concert i have ever seen in my life. Please if you have time comment me back. God bless and i love you:)


12/03/2008 07:37:02 AM

We love the Jonas Brothers [even more now!] Keep being a light in this world! The Walters