'I Still Pray for Simon Cowell'

From the stage of 'American Idol' to the gospel music recording studio, Mandisa lets Jesus guide her path.

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Did you have any uneasiness about appearing on a show that had the word "Idol" in the title?

It goes against everything that I stand for. But the fact of the matter is that I really did feel led to do it [the show]. The Lord really did use it for his glory and to build up his people. But certainly I do not endorse idol worship by any means. The fact that I was using that platform for his glory I guess is why I believe that it was okay. But I wouldn't mind if they changed the title.

You mentioned in your book that you originally thought God's plan for you was to make it to the top three. And that didn't happen. What advice would you give to people when God's plan changes?

I don't know that his plan changes. I really do believe that God speaks to his people, and I think that if we get it right 100 percent of the time we would be in heaven with him. What I would tell people is to pray. And to pray specific, because when Jesus was about to face the cross, he did ask that the cup would be taken away from him. Then he followed it by saying "But not my will, but yours, be done."

What I would tell people in praying is to ask God for what it is that you want, but then to trust that his will is better than yours and to learn the lessons from Jesus--he still was obedient to the Lord, and he knew that God’s plan was gonna be much better and much bigger than his. I would just tell people to trust that the Father's plan is much more--it's much better than any plan that you would ever have for yourself.

What do you pray for?


I pray for a lot of things. I pray that I would always remain thankful. I pray Thanksgiving whenever I get the opportunity. I try to remember things that I've been blessed with that I don't ever want to take for granted.

I do pray for specific things about my CD, that it would get into the hands of the people who will be blessed by it. And I pray that my book would get into the hands of people who would be inspired and encouraged by it, and convicted by it. I pray that I would have a ministry that would have an effect, and that I wouldn't just be a singer, that I would actually be [someone] that has an internal purpose in this world.

Do you have a favorite prayer?

Psalm 139
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