From Korn to Christ

Guitarist Brian 'Head' Welch talks about kicking drugs and leaving the rock star life behind for his daughter and God.


01/15/2013 06:37:46 PM

Being in Korn WAS a part of gods life for you. Think of all the kids your music reached who are now adults and have found god through Jesus Christ. I am one. Not all of us who followed the alternative lifestyles succumbed to the life of sin which follows it. We were lost at first, because we knew we did not fit in with the world, so we turned to its pleasures like drugs and partying.However with time and wisdom, a lot of us have had our own revelations and found that Christ was by our side the whole time.


11/24/2008 09:00:50 AM

Brian you have no idea what an insperation you are to me. My life with Christ has been amazing but yours is truly a remarkable miracle. God has alot in his plans for you and i back you up 100%. I know your daughter is happy to have her dad there for her and i am sure you are going to raise her in a God loving life and show her that God is always there no matter what!!! Your life story really speaks to me and i am hoping to read your book real soon. Thanks for everything. Even though you don't realize what youi have done for me its more than you can imagine. GOD BLESS ><>Charity


03/15/2008 12:53:40 PM

I just want to say that I had those paralyzing feelings in the middle of the night, something I have learned is called "night terrors". But I have grown a lot in my walk with God, and I memorize bible verses, putting on the full armor of God. When these night terrors or ANYTHING from Satan is thrown my way, I tell Satan, hey, God promised me this and it is in His word, and this is where it is. One of my favorites is Hebrews 13:5 because it says that God will never leave me or forsake me. B y the way, Jesus does not belong to any ONE religion, He came to save the WHOLE WORLD. One more thing, if you have a grudge against, someone. It is hard to pray for someone you have a grudge against, but it is harder to have a grudge against someone you are praying for. Think about it.

Pastor Art

11/08/2007 01:06:04 PM

I do not know if Bryon would even be reading this, yet I would like to offer this advise. Vocation and Faith need to be understood as parts of our call from Yahweh. He desires that we grow deeper in intimacy with Him regardless of the vocation we find ourselves in. A pastor can not stand behind a pulpit unless someone in the vocation of cabinetmaking (unless the pulpit is plastic our something else) fulfilled his calling and made the pulpit. This goes for any and all aspects of the working of society. The important understanding for Bryon is that he hear the Father’s voice and follow the path given him. Will that mean his past life’s vocation will be his future life’s that can only be answered through prayer both spoken and quite so he can hear the voice of Christ to understand His mind. If you happen to read this Bryon bless you and your daughter. Pastor Art


10/23/2007 12:13:03 PM

I believe that the LORD JESUS CHRIST has called us for a reason...that everyone of us has a purpose.And He has a prepared place for us,we just don't know it yet


10/23/2007 12:56:31 AM

Hi Brian , I just want to say how absolutely proud I am of you and for you! I'm so glad jesus broke yours and my chains away, we're no longer a slave to satan. Just last night (sunday) I received the gift of tongues at my church. I never understood the gift fully until I started going to my charasmatic church now. I'm so excited to used my new gift, God is so amazing and wonderful. It's awesome to be able to talk with other christian people that understand how you feel. Don't worry just keep praying for your friends God can do miraculous things and change the ones you love and hold dear to you. I understand about losing friends, I just got divorced 2 weeks ago actually, he didn't want to give his whole faith to god and I want to live my whole life for him (God). You did the right thing by leaving. Take care and God bless you and keep you and your precious little girl to! :) Praise God!


10/08/2007 02:37:25 PM

Thank you Brian for doing this interview. I have always decribed my self as a red letter christian and was a fan of Korn's eary work. You gave me much encouragement when you said you didn't get much into denominations. i have also struggled with my music and my faith. keep fighting the good fight you have been an inspiration to me way to go!!


10/03/2007 11:44:57 AM

I believe that God does work in us to show us things for many reasons. I feel that sometimes he reminds me of things everyday and even uses people to remind me of what I should be doing.


09/23/2007 03:52:32 PM

Spirituality can be exausting. Proffessional music is a strong force in our culture. It will be interesting to follow his career. Healing occurs on all levels, Physical Mental and Spiritual. I never listen to KORN. I was raised in Christianity and met a bhudist severel years ago. I stopped chanting, but like to burn imported insense. I go to church with my DAD durring lent for church suppers and vespers. I cant stand christmas and Easter, don't go. Hate commericalism and capitalism. People put a price on everything, but its a necessary evil. We need money to live. I'm not by any means wealthy. I'm totally bourgoeis. I'd love to be a rock star. Cant afford it.


09/23/2007 02:29:49 AM

I am so very happy for you and your daughter that you found your way to that crossroad in life and chose His way. So many times I think He was calling to you quietly and softly and urging you to believe. I truly wish all the best for you and your daughter Brian. Take good care of yourself and your beautiful girl Jennea, she is your greatest gift from God, other than Jesus of course. God bless you both, naturegirl


09/17/2007 10:54:21 PM

Perhaps his 'conversion' may function as a bridge to a more reasonable life while, in the meantime, his brain and system clear themselves from all the years of abuse.


09/17/2007 08:56:40 PM

Quite right, akbusch, but these are the exceptions that, so to speak, prove the rule. But I wonder if the discovery of "new meaning and spiritual health" really necessitates that one embrace elaborate, and divisive, assumptions for which there is not even a modicum of compelling evidence? I wonder just how healthy such a surrender to the insupportable will actually prove to be in the long run.


09/17/2007 12:06:46 PM

That could be, Namchuck. On the other hand, there are numerous people raised in a more-or-less "Christian" culture who have had religious awakenings/conversions/ whatever and chose a faith tradition other than Christianity. George Harrison and Yusef Islam/Cat Stevens being two better-known examples. Of course one's cultural condition and upbringing is a factor, but it's not the only factor, especially in this post-Christian era. Even so, my question is, "What of it?" Mr. Welch has found new meaning and spiritual health in his life and was able to make a new, drug-free start as a father. That's a good thing.


09/16/2007 08:34:28 PM

Brian Welch's adoption of Christianity is another powerful testimonial of just how much the cultural conditioning of ones background will influence religious choice. Had he been an Indian of the sub-continent, he would have probably converted to Hinduism as a response to the emptiness and failure of his Korn life.


09/16/2007 10:33:16 AM

I hope he remains strong in his faith. I hope he leaves behind those people who wronged him. I hope he never becomes a creed hypocrite.


09/15/2007 10:27:47 AM

It is not myself to judge him or anyone, but he clearly felted something. Whatever that maybe, that between him and the Lord. I feel the bible with worship community is just half way, but is just me. the bible was write by the church and there for it is apart of the church.