As an ecstatic experience, a way of life or a mode of prayer, chant connects believers to the power of the divine.

Chanting 101
Robert Gass explains how chant focuses us on the Divine.


The Sounds of Insight
What's all the chanting about? Lama Surya Das explains how sacred sound is a surefire path to spiritual insight.

The Wisdom of Chanting
A Korean Zen master on "becoming" your voice.

Review: Many Mantras, One Purpose
'Mantra Mix,' a compilation album to benefit Tibetan refugees, offers more than just music.

Review: The 'One Sound' of Music
A CD of traditional Buddhist chant and instrumentals celebrates 2,500 years of musical meditation.

Review: Plum Village Chanting & Recitation Book
Compiled by Thich Nhat Hanh


Singing the Psalms
Columnist Cynthia Bourgeault offers insight and instructions on singing the psalms.

Praying Twice
The prioress of a Benedictine abbey talks about how chanting affects the spiritual and physical health of the community.

Christmas Chant

A selection of Gregorian and Byzantine chants for the Feast of the Nativity.

Review: Chant Made Simple
A primer on Gregorian Chant.


Gayatri Mania
The ancient mantra has become hugely popular due to latest recordings.

Take a Chant on Me
Or, how siddha-yoga chanting enhances my Jewishness.


When I Sing for God...
A talk with the legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.
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