03/18/2008 09:54:54 AM

I would like to add that I've been accused of road rage and the fact was thatI was trying to get to the people that were taking victimised persons away --I wanted to make sure they were still breathing or get close enough for a description-this happened hundreds of times. So -you never know-yes--ALL Praise to God -let the rocks be silent and let us praise Him but if we are silent the rocks will praise Him-He Who IS worthy to be praised.


02/21/2008 10:10:23 AM

I respect Bono as an honest, brave and creative person. I think he needs to realize that there are two beings claiming to be the Holy Spirit in our world. One is the true Holy Spirit and one is a counterfeit, also called the Ourobouros. Revelations talks of it as "three unclean spirits like frogs that go out to the kings of the world...". This unclean spirit is capable of many functions that the actual Holy Spirit does but it is linked with Satan. It gives us a a delusion of spirituality without the sanctification. I think that if he honestly keeps seeking in this honest manner, he will find the true Spirit.


03/21/2007 09:40:10 AM

Bono's philosophy and beliefs about God and Christianity may be flawed....(and I believe they are)...but, he is right when he asserts that "religion is the enemy of God." Traditionally, it has been! Why? Because "religion" is MAN-made. Christianity is NOT religion, it's a RELATIONSHIP with Jesus Christ. It is fellowship with our Creator and our God; and, it is communion with our Savior, and a personal acknowlegement of who He is, and what He has done for us by His GRACE and mercy. Religion? I have to agree with Bono. It has caused a lot of damage throughout history.


03/21/2007 09:32:16 AM

I don't think even Bono knows exactly what he believes...unless he's just trying to con us all. The most glaring aspect of this interview to me, however, was Bono's proclamation that we need to "praise creation". Praise belongs solely to the CREATOR, Himself. Anything else is idolotry! Can the "created" thing be greater than its Creator? Hello? Apart from that, he can perform all the "good works" he wants. His "righteousness" is as "filthy rags", just like mine and everyone else's. No matter what "righteous" acts he performs, it won't be enough. Apart from the righteousness of Jesus Christ, none of us will make it....Not even Bono.


11/29/2005 07:53:01 PM

Bono takes simple Christianity to a more complex level. It's good. I understand how so much evil and greed exist. People just think more for themselves. Through all that fame, it is really not important. When it comes to lives at risk, a life is worth giving up the fame. What a difference it makes to draw myself closer to God. I do not doubt Him. It's not God that makes bad things happen. It's God who will make troubles brighter. Darkness is out there, but God teaches to make wise choices. My life is complete when I take time for God. I am kinder and less judgemental. Some people are just not meant to be friends. However, my life is easier when I accept different people. The Church reinforces the Spirit, but the individual makes the ultimate choice for his life. I take my spiritual learning and apply it to daily life. I am safer in the long run. My choices are good and whom I want to be around.


08/02/2005 10:01:52 PM

I have always wanted to know more about Bono, where he is spiritually. If I could share a meal with 3 people in this world, he would be one of them (Billy Graham and my sister the others).


08/02/2005 02:49:09 PM

Actually GOD gave us both marriage and children; patriarchy isn't capable of giving either of those things. opinion and conjecture, but this is a discussion on music, so you're off topic. I've always admired Bono because he has a real and practising belief. He hasn't sold out, nor has he allowed religious fanatacism to jade the good works that he does. His constant giving of talent, time, money and his positive use of his "celebrity" status speaks mountains above the TBN-like Christians who are more self-seeking than anything else.


08/01/2005 03:33:07 PM

"I often wonder if religion is the enemy of God. It's almost like religion is what happens when the Spirit has left the building." -Bono Interview My response to this statement is that I have wondered this too. Religion often gets bogged down with promises of rewards as the motivation for worshipping God or the fear of Hell too. I would like to see more talk about what evil is, discovering who you really are, human bonding. Stuff like that. More discussion and less preaching.


07/30/2005 01:31:04 PM

Actually GOD gave us both marriage and children; patriarchy isn't capable of giving either of those things. Also, I don't agree that there aren't conformists who are artists and musicians. In fact, a lot of musicians conform to stereotypes or musical styles.


11/25/2004 09:57:47 AM

As a Christian, I can tell that Bono's faith in Christianity is deep rooted. I think he has a poetic sense to his words, & uses heavy symbolism. What he says can be taken many different ways by people. Denominations in Chrisitianity have different ideas regarding faith. IMO, what he is saying is that the common bond that brings Christians together & that should be focused on is God, His everlasting grace & His son who sacrificed his life for us, Jesus. IMO, we are all learning about our faith on different levels. IMO, our Christian walk is something private between the believer & God. IMO, without hearing the tone of voice, it's harder to have a deeper understanding just from written text, when it comes to interviews. As the scriptures say: Version: KJV Mat 7:1 Judge not, that ye be not judged. This is just my 2 cents. I hope everyone has a great Holiday season! God Bless you all!!!! And as Bonobon says: God Bless Bono! :) Sincerely, RockNRollWoman


06/15/2004 06:14:15 PM

zepper, many good and devoted people do not consider having children outside of marriage to be sinful. God gave us children, patriarchy gave us marriage... which we don't really need -- unless we're conformists. Musicians and artists are never conformists. If they were, they couldn't create, like God creates. They actually could be closer to God than you and I are even because they have children out of wedlock, or despite it, who cares? I doubt God cares one whit about the rituals of man. Don't question anyone's lifestyle but your own, and have faith that whatever you choose is good for YOU, no one else, and vice versa....


02/17/2004 01:00:04 PM

I have loved U2 and Bono for as long as they have been making music. I think they do a lot more good than most. I also know that no one is perfect. So before we "cast the first stone", let's just look at the good he and the band have done and let God make the judgements.


02/05/2004 04:11:32 PM

i think "zepper" should get over himself and focus on the good that bono has done through the years, rather than worry about who swears and who has children. bono is my hero.


11/25/2003 10:15:33 PM

I've been a U2 fan since 84 and a born again Christian since 88. As I admire their charity work I question their lifestyles. I have read the posts but has anyone every confronted Bono on his course language, or the Edge and Larry having kids outside of marriage. Yes we have freedom in Christ, struggle with sin daily (I'll be the first to admit mine) but we need to show maturity in Christ. The Bible is the living word and gives us rules to live by. When you make excuses for your sin and as long as you mention Jesus, God or grace in your songs it's okay. I love their music as a fan but as a Christian I know they need to grow in Christ. A perfect example is when they got the MTV lifetime award and the host introducing them said "They smoke, drink, use bad language but have done more to cancel debt in third world countries then all politicians combined". That's great Bono but as Paul said to Timothy" But set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity" 1Timothy 4:12


10/23/2003 12:16:39 AM

That's why I like my church. We don't try to put God in a compact box and give it a name. We allow him to use us as his tool, not the other way around. I do disagree with Bonos statement about praising to creation. I praise the creator. For he is worthy of all praise.


10/08/2003 09:08:50 AM

I am in agreement with every post other than the two October posts of 2002. I am most thankful for U2's music and the example of faith Bono lives. For I too, think faith is something lived rather than a blindness with which religion would try to subjugate mankind. I am a member of a church to participate in worship with others. I also worship by myself and most especially, outdoors. It is my goal to always be at worship as I think it pertinant to be grateful and in love as I think, speak, and/or do. I am continually faced with conflict in the religion I participate in, but offense is a choice, so I don't take it. Rather, I learn more of truth and expand my consciousness beyond the the scope of religion. You see, it is truth I am in love with; not religion. "Religion" was but a tool like "time" or any other concept meant to serve mankind. Why should we let any concept rule our lives? I guess that some do explains road-rage. Late for work, so no time to love our fellow man!


10/06/2003 08:52:51 AM

". . . religion is what happens when the Spirit has left the building." I totally agree. Religion is a synonym for the phrase, "traditions of men".


07/29/2003 01:12:24 PM

As a person that is ever seeking the face of Christ, this article was wonderful. The concept of Grace is a simple one to grasp, maybe that is why it is easily overlooked. Bono has amazeing insight into the country club that is organized religion. If you have ever felt like an outsider your in good company. The journey continues....


05/03/2003 10:58:31 AM



03/10/2003 03:12:09 PM

I think Bono gets it. I wish more celebrities did. Then again, he seems to be more focused on serving humanity than most of our own elected officials, including our president. I think he is to rock and roll what Jimmy Carter is to politics - a man with a greater mission than ambition.


02/15/2003 11:41:02 PM

I never noticed how much Bono looks like Robin Williams.


12/11/2002 07:44:47 PM

I just think he's great!! And that's that. And as far as the right to be an ass, I think we can all be asses if we want to! I like the idea of dialogue....whether it is anger or love, dialogue with God and other humans is most important!! Keep making that wonderful music!


11/16/2002 09:20:28 AM

I greatly appreciate the heart and soul behind these strong words. While religion can be respected as the basis of our spiritual meetings, works, etc., it becomes void of God's Spirit when it is put ahead of being Christ-like. Christianity means Christ-like. Let us each evaluate our own hearts and gathering places; are we going through the motions of religious works without His Spirit, or are we Christ-like in all that we do? I pray to be more Christ-like.


10/28/2002 10:15:31 PM

Couldn't agree more with LC&R. This is just so much "deism" wrapped in a pale paper bag he calls "christianity". I love what he is doing, but don't approve of his simplistic dismissal of the enormous good Christianity has done for this world. I get a little tired of the same old childish criticisms of our dynamic faith traditions--and I don't mean some generic "christianity".


10/26/2002 08:04:58 AM

As much as I love Bono he speaks like any other evangelical when he makes his comments separating "religion" from Christian faith. This is a dumbing down of reality. Look up the word Christianity in the dictionary and it is called a "religion." Religion doesn't have to be a bad word. The anti-establishment mentality is really old especially since people have to have actual institutions, churches, and organizations to actually help people. This includes real tangible buildings. Christ came in the flesh. Let's stop limiting our spiritual experience to the intellect.


09/08/2002 11:27:57 AM

For his humanitarian work and artistic integrity, Bono is a contemporary hero of mine. Additionally, I cannot downplay my great admiration for the sincerety of his religious beliefs, and his refusal to proselytize. I have met this man, and he is genuine. This soul has grace.


06/07/2002 09:35:48 AM

In the midst of the world's superficiality, it's a breath of fresh air to know that a celebrity like Bono is living by faith in Christ and telling others what the Bible has to say about things. The way he lives out his faith may appear worldly to many people, but compared with what other artists are doing, I think Bono and U2 stand out as the great exception. In a modern world so untrusting of the church, my church, the Rock (, and Bono, would likely agree that trying to fix people with religion has always been the downfall of the world; and the victory of the devil. People are fixed by embracing Christ and having an intimate relationship with him. That's how we get to God and only by trusting in his son, and being led by the Holy Spirit, will we ever please God with our actions. I think Bono has proven himself to be a man of actions, not only words. I hope the guy keeps his eyes on Christ and I can't wait to see him in the Kingdom someday. Christ warrior, Craig


05/29/2002 03:03:08 PM

The "Year of Jubilee" is part of the Mosaic Covenant. Every 50th year was a special Sabbath. During that year, all debts were forgiven, all land leases reverted back to the original owners, those provided sanctuary in cities of refuge were set free, etc. It was a great concept. You could not forever loose your inheritance to some debt or business deal. Bond-slaves were set free, etc. To make an application to countries that are struggling financially is a good cause, however, one must be careful not to overlook the greed and violence that may have had a hand (within the country itself) in placing these countries in horrendous situations. I especially liked Bono's revelation concerning the awesome nature of God's grace. It is not only un-merited favor, not only the ability to take another breath, but it is the very power of God to those who have entrusted themselves to His care. Grace is always amazing, stever


03/01/2002 07:12:24 PM

I think Bono has it right. I'm also a person moved by the Spirit, but not by the hierarchy, partriarchy, greed, immorality, and power held by the Church.