Been Caught Praying

Jane's Addiction's Perry Farrell testifies to his Jewish beliefs.


07/22/2007 07:50:43 PM

It sounds like Perry grew up after all these years. Sometimes it happens!


02/13/2004 08:48:07 AM

"Good music, but the fact that he wrote this (if he did) means maybe his interviews and all that have been an act, because these are not the same two people." I also have seen some interviews in which Perry does not seem altogether lucid, shall I say. Regardless of his ability to be an interviewee, he's a brilliant man/musician. And it does not mean what you happen to have seen was an act. Written and verbal are vastly different forms of communication.


06/29/2001 03:07:55 PM

Doh! The link "Jews Addiction" breaks down the points I just stated if anyone's interested. Quite interesting.


06/29/2001 02:43:03 PM

Perry recently came out with a Greatest Hits album called Rev. There are a few new interesting techno beated songs, one of which is called Revelation. Although I'll admit in the past he's been pretty far out there with the drugs and practices, I've found that during his "post addiction" days with Porno for Pyros, he's seemed more awake and dare I say clearer than ever before. I've believe that he's found faith in the fact that he's still alive, and has witnessed a true miracle in creating life. I've also heard that Janes Addiction is getting back together for a tour soon. And I'm pretty sure Perry is in his mid-30's, although the kat has been through enough for a lifetime if you ask me! Peace and Love.


05/26/2001 01:29:28 PM

About Perry Farrell-- I know that for a long time he practiced Santeria, a traditional Cuban religion with West African roots (similar to Vodoun). I read recently (don't rememeber where) that he has returned to his Jewish roots. He had a son recently, who he named Yovel-- Hebrew for "jubilee." As for the drug thing, he was a heroin addict for a while, but he's been clean for some time. As for the strange "about face" in terms of religious philosophy, the guy's getting on in years-- he's probably around 50 now. Maybe that has something to do with it. (?)


01/24/2001 02:27:13 PM

Don't forget: Not all Christians who rock perform Christian Rock; Not all Jews who rock are religiously observant Jews (i.e., Jews by ethnicity more that faith); There IS Jewish Rock, like Shlock Rock in the USA, and of course, in Israel artists like Ehud Banai (himself a newly Orthodox Jew) write rock lyrics based on Bible stories and themes (e.g., his "Egel HaZahav," "The Golden Calf."). The answer to the question should be pretty obvious now: There is a very small market for Jewish Rock, both in the USA and in Israel (at most 12 million Jews in the 2 countries, and not all of them interested in hearing religious rock!); most Jewish rockers are not necessarily inclined to write and perform "Jewish Rock"; probably not that many among America's Christian majority would interested in buying recordings of Jewish Rock; and the market for religious rock music in general, I suspect, is still relatively small, and not especially lucrative, which is another disincentive.


01/12/2001 09:22:39 PM

That's phenomenal. I just wish I knew the truth, has he straightened out? It's possible, cuz the last interview I saw with him was about 3 or 4 years ago, he has kinda dropped off the news radar. Maybe he was in rehab, and he has come out a changed man. Who knows?


01/12/2001 04:01:16 PM

Yup, this is the afterword straight from Jews Who Rock. Now maybe the guy had help, but he signed off on it. He may have had a recent religious experience. I am not sure.


01/12/2001 11:08:01 AM

This excerpt is from Perry Farrell? NO WAY!!! Has anyone heard him talk? That man has taken so many drugs, his mind isn't all there. Good music, but the fact that he wrote this (if he did) means maybe his interviews and all that have been an act, because these are not the same two people.