Commemorating September 11 with Prayer

Selected 9/11 prayers and readings from various faiths to help you commemorate the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.


09/10/2011 12:41:57 PM

in remembrance of 9/11 and in honor of the International Day of Peace


09/11/2010 02:56:52 AM

Anually this will be a day of pain for many and it has nothing to do with the US commemorating it. By the US doing this they are actually showing empathy with the lot of people who either lost someone, or had to endure that day by being there. It is one of the most humane things the US can do. With all the hate in this world you would think most people would be moved by this loving gesture. I suppose people who are paranoid or have a hard time dealing with intense emotion have to see this day as something negative. We should pray for them too. Peace & Blessings to all


09/11/2002 03:31:07 AM

Let us not think of this day as a day of vengence but as a day of healing. Pain that is attached to, remains a part of our lives. Forgiveness will always be the key to happiness. Do not make a painful expereince into an idol. It is more challenging to turn into a reason to love everyone and forgive everyone everyday of our lives. Stand in the truth of the love of God.


09/10/2002 07:22:45 PM

This is to guanshiriyeen.You say that 9/11 is not to be recognized and that patriotism is tribalistic. Is that what you say to the orphans who lost both their parents in these attacks and have nothing to remember them by?Is this what you say to the woman who recently gave birth to her first child who will grow up fatherless?Is this what you say to the parents,siblings and friends who lost someone in these brutal attacks and have no remains to bury and no gravesite to visit?I feel that this day is a day to HONOR those that died and those they have left behind.It is a way for us, the general masses who watched these events unfold on morning t.v.,to grieve, and to pray for peace.It is a day that we cannot wipe out of our history and we cannot let get sucked down into politics.This act against America went beyond politics and religion and was meant to destroy our very core.By not paying homage to these people we basically nullify their very existance.


09/06/2002 06:26:50 PM

The unfortunate thing about all of this is that by commemorating a day, the USA is institutionalizing a day of intense pain for many individuals. Annually now, this day will bring up feelings of anger and resentment when that is exactly what is not needed. I do not believe in patriotism or nationalism any longer. It has become a form of global tribal warfare. To commemorate this day commemorates the day that the administration of the USA got sucked into that tribalistic thinking. For me it will be a day of saddness that so many lost their lives and so many more will lose thier lives senselessly.


09/06/2002 11:33:54 AM

My father had passed away on Sept 11 from cancer. So for me, this date has a very personal meaning for me. I will be scattering the ashes of my father on Sept 11. I will think of all of the people who lost their lives on that day as well as their families who have gone through the same grief as I.


09/05/2002 02:56:16 PM

I don't know that I will have any kind of anniversary or commemoration for 9/11. It will, however, be a day to remember that life can end with little or no warning, that there is altogether too much hatred and violence in this world, and that it could just as well have been me as anyone else who was killed or injured that day. To be grateful for life itself, for every moment that we have, and to somewhere, somehow, in some way (no matter how small) to make a difference while here. That is what I was reminded of by 9/11. That is how I will remember it.


09/05/2002 01:41:51 AM

To the memory of 9/11 will be touched all who act in love. When We Go to God and ask Him for direction, 9/11 will be a year ago next wednesday, We know that for sure have to go to God again everyday now when tragity comes our way. this to shall pass God love is forever. God Bless You all who seek Him,let the light shine in the darkness through the Lord Jesus Christ.


09/04/2002 07:01:11 AM

Here is a poem in memory of September 11th. Ron Starbuck Houston, Texas


09/04/2002 04:07:36 AM

other than in my own mind, in my own personal ways, i have a website for political ranting that i will post a tribute on for 9-11. that's how i'm commemorating.