Taking Jesus from the Bible to the Big Screen

Mark Burnett rejoins actress and wife Roma Downey in "Son of God."

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It’s becoming clear that God is moving in Hollywood and on people’s hearts Downey said, “The Bible” sparked conversations around water cooler and kitchen tables. People were talking about God, Jesus and about faith.

Are these two power hitters for Christ trailblazers? Not so fast, said Burnett. To be a trailblazer you have to have the intention. Creating the last two biblically inspired films was a calling.

“We felt so strongly in our souls to make the Bible series,” he said. “If other people will then follow and we’ve open some doors. A better way of putting it would be that maybe we’re door openers.”

Hollywood is taking notice of the market for Biblically-inspired entertainment.

If there are going to books, movies or plays based on the Bible, “they better be accurate and they better be very good,” Burnett explained. Scholars and experts like Joel Osteen were brought in to assure for historical accuracy.

“It’s not just some story,” he affirmed. “It’s a sacred text and we’ve honored it.”

“Son of God” will be released on Feb. 28 nationwide.

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