Life Lessons from Harry Potter

Spiritual and moral life lessons from the Harry Potter books that teach us to be open to love, to not judge others, and to let go of the past.


07/19/2009 07:45:21 PM

Harry Potter showed me to even be nice to people who treat you mean, like the Dursley's did him. They hated Harry. Harry was not afraid to fight, even when things look hopless he would not give up. He kept on going. And his friends Hermione, Ron stuck right by his side through it all, they where true friends. Harry, Hemione, and Ron loved the outcast Hagrid, who no one liked at all, and found a wonderful friend in him too. misfits they where but they where true friends. The Weasley's as poor as they where took Harry in and treated him like one of there own childern. Which made Harry know he had a family. Albus Dumbledore adored Harry, and gave his life for him. Plus he gave his life for Draco to, whom he could have killed in a heart beat. Snape knowing that if did not keep to the agreement of killing Albus, that would me, the Dark Lord would kill Draco. So he did.Which Harry was right in calling Snape a coward. True friends stand by you through good and bad and thick and thin and that is what Harry Potter, has taught me. And also not to judge a book by its cover.


07/15/2009 10:30:12 PM

One thing you learned from the books is that people who do stuff because it's right, and not because they're friends with everybody, end up dying horribly and alone--both Severus Snape and Regulus Black sacrifice themselves, and basically, nobody really cares about them. After all, Slytherins are _always_ evil, and even if they die to save the brave Gryffindors, nobody has to care. Notice that Dumbledore was _very_ surprised that Snape wanted to save Harry even though he didn't like him. I seem to recall hearing that even the pagans want to save their friends and family--but it takes a different sort of person to turn the other cheek to those who hate and despise them. Fortunately the movies leave out all the stuff the Gryffindor kids do that made me dislike them in the books.


07/15/2009 07:40:27 AM

Sorry, Prissygirl, I agree with Pam34. Kids will be kids, and they learn from what's around them. Please read the books before you judge this- the lessons are good ones and teach about love, trust, friendship, and acting from a moral standpoint. As for witchcraft...if you are referring to Wiccan, you may want to read more about that as well before making a judgement. Wiccan is as spiritual in it's beliefs as any major religion.


07/14/2009 11:08:39 PM

prissygirl? good name. It's clear you haven't read the series, at least. Did you mean 'sneaky' and 'conniving'? Kids - some of them - tend to be that way regardless of their surroundings, but they can change and learn better by being taught the right way. Harry grows up and learns to be a fine, good, honest, fair and ethical young man. One who is willing to go out and give himself up to pain and possible death, in order to protect and save his friends.


07/14/2009 08:55:40 AM

I don't think of HARRY POTTER as a good christian figure for our children. This character also does represent a lot of mystical and subliminal things that teaches children to be snicky and caniving, those are the qualities I would want any child to pick up on. Besides, it can go into witchcraft which has nothing to do with god.


07/13/2009 02:36:36 AM

Oh no another one of these is coming out pretty soon. MY girlfriend is going crazy