Twelve Lessons Horton Taught Me

In this family-friendly film from Fox Faith (based on the book by Dr. Seuss), a faithful elephant named Horton carries a tiny world called Whoville to safety on a clover despite the animals in the Jungle of Nool who try to stop him and refuse to believe the Whos are real.


04/19/2011 11:17:56 PM

For 5/14, I always figured that the imaginary worlds in which the children created themselves, is a metaphor of sorts, for false religious ideologies other than the world Horton knew existed. This is how I explain Horton's "Oh lord..." when the children come around him with clovers parading their new realms with pride.


03/02/2009 02:32:35 PM

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12/18/2008 08:56:13 AM

I agree! I would love to be able to print this out to use as a guide when watching with children.


12/15/2008 11:43:18 AM

I think after the slide show you should have all the lessons on one page so we could print it out or send it to friends