Best Spiritual Documentary of 2009

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02/11/2010 05:53:32 AM

A masterpiece,most sensible and full of beauty documentary that i ever seen. again.......A MASTERPIECE.


02/09/2010 12:22:32 PM

This was also very excellent. Humans rape and pillage the earth every waking moment of every day. Gas emissions, trash,pollution,unnecessary hunting of wildlife,cutting shy the rainforest,(the giver of life),deforestation-all over....and for WHAT? For the GREED of humankind! Oils,natural gases,precious stones,precious metals...pillaged...for the further ADVANCEMENT of mankind. Oh no, I don't think so. This will be the sheer DEMISE of humankind! And then what is exactly HUMANKIND? We're destroying the greatest gift of all ,that our Lord and Savior, bestowed upon us - the gift of natural life. NATURE, in all it's granduer. There is no hope or survival for humans' if we don't become the PROPER caretakers' of MOTHER EARTH that we were put here to be.