Best Spiritual Film of 2008

The Beliefnet Film Award nominees for Best Spiritual Film of 2008.


02/24/2009 11:25:21 AM

It is truly odd that you didn't at least include "Fireproof; Never Leave Your Partner Behind," with Kirk Cameron and Erin Bethea. More people have seen and loved this film than any you mentioned. It is by anyone's value system, an inspirational movie!!! I vote for it over and above any you choose.


02/23/2009 01:25:25 PM

Yawn. Why am I not surprised that a movie that beats you over the head with a totally ridiculous environmental premise gets the nod as best spiritual movie. Of course, you can also read into the movie that the earth heals itself over time, and that it is impossible for us to destroy it no matter how much we foul it up. After all, even with the totally ridiculous amounts of garbage on the planet, plants were growing and the world could support life again after a few hundred years of doing nothing. But, of course, that message doesn't paint humans as evil rapists of nature, and so was completely ignored. So predictable.


02/16/2009 07:12:21 PM

Is this a joke? The Dark Knight is a spiritual film? Where do go to worship--Wheel of Fortune????