Top Christian Movies

From "Dead Man Walking" to "Ben Hur" we name the 10 best Christian films of all time.


06/19/2010 01:12:03 PM

My Favorite movie is The Scarlet and the Black with Gregory Peck and C. Plummer.


06/18/2010 08:54:47 AM

I didn't see The Green Mile on the list. nor The Book of Eli.


04/21/2010 04:22:19 AM

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03/20/2010 02:47:21 PM

I would like to acknowledge that it really was Walden Media that worked to bring this movie to the big screen - Disney just provided the bucks.


03/12/2010 07:18:17 PM

Great list! I like many of these films already, and am now adding most of the rest to my Netflix queue. I would also like to mention a few other Christian-themed films that I think are worthwhile: Amazing Grace, the story of William Wilberforce's fight to end the British slave trade The Trouble with Angels, a story about a mischievous teenage girl (played brilliantly by Hayley Mills) at a Catholic boarding school


03/12/2010 08:51:15 AM

An interesting list! Was it really necessary however, to have an ad for Tyler Perry's latest film after almost every screen of the top 10 Christian movies? It seems to send the message that worshiping the "green" is what's most important!


03/08/2010 09:59:43 AM

You missed the best of all time: The 1943 Academy Award Winner: The Song of Bernadette, with Vincent Price and Charles Bickford at their finest, including the new find as Bernadette.