12 Happy Movies

From "Hairspray" to "Yellow Submarine" Nell Minow lists 12 happiness movies--some of which are about happiness, some make us happy, and and some do both.


03/29/2010 02:43:59 AM

Two movies lift me up. Now I have a outspoken son, "Sleepless in Seattle," and probably my all time favorite, "Seabiscuit."


10/20/2009 07:01:16 AM

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07/30/2009 08:58:23 AM

Happy movies is what we need instead of action or crime.


07/29/2009 11:19:42 AM

I only watched The Court Jester and its ok.


07/23/2009 01:37:46 AM

Mama Mia was a feel food movie. The happiest movie I have seen in years. The songs keep on singing long after the movie is over.


07/19/2009 10:28:25 AM

Hi, I think the movies, "Next Friday" (though adult), "Undercover Brother", and "Chocolat" were happy movies. The first two hilariously satirized racial stereotypes and the later showed how two people who are nice but mistrusted by society can overcome predjudice through love.