Top 20 Inspirational Sports Movies

From "Rocky" to "The Rookie," Beliefnet editors name the top 20 inspirational sports movies of all time. Are your favorites on the list?


01/23/2012 01:56:22 PM

Absolutely agree about "Remember the Titans" - great, inspirational movie! I think my top three are "Hoosiers," "Rudy" and maybe "Rocky." Found a nifty list that might also interest here:


09/10/2011 04:02:52 AM

Great list, but one movie that should've been on here: "Remember The Titans"


07/20/2010 07:28:05 PM

Just watched your 20 Inspirational Sports Movies and the first comment from Sportsnut. He /she is so on! There is NO WAY that Brian's Song can't be on that list!! Field of Dreams was a great movie, but it's fiction. What Sayers and Picollo did in real life far surpasses that. To even be able to play in the NFL, let alone do what Sayers did (there is a reason his nickname was MAGIC) and the story of the times when racial prejudice was still rampant in this country, and the tragic true story of Brian, along with the fact that it won 5 Emmy Awards, and basically launched the carrers of Billy Dee Williams and James Caan, it is loved by millions. I realize that it was a made for TV movie ( the first I think--the networks didn't know if people would watch a movie that hadn't been in a theater) . It was aired the first time on Nov. 30, 1971, and as I stated at the start, THERE IS ABSOLUTLY NO WAY that this movie shouldn't be on your list--love Costner--love Field of Dreams--but NO WAY!!! Mikey


06/14/2010 08:49:02 PM

I agreed with many of your TOP 20 Inspirational Sports movies : BUT THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAME NOT INCLUDE "BRIAN'S SONG" The originals movie with Billy Dee Williams as Gayle Sayas. There is another movie about a race horse called "Pharr Lapp". This movie is every bit as good as Seabiscuit, if not more entertaining.


10/02/2009 12:37:13 PM

Great choices. How about "Breaking Away" with the cutters. Granted I am biased as cycling is my passion., but the young man going against the pros and inspired me to pursue this sport.


02/18/2009 08:38:59 AM

Great choices. I would add " Believe in me" based on the true story of Clay Driscoll. This Oklahoma coach during the 1960's showed up for work thinking he was going to coach the boys basketball team and was assigned to coach the girls. After getting over his disappointment he led the girls basketball team to State Championships and never coached boys again. Very inspiring for players and coaches.


02/15/2009 06:01:14 PM

I liked the story of James Braddock. You forgot to mention the late Paul Newman "Somebody Up There Likes Me" based on Rocky Graziano's life story. The song "Somebody Up Likes Me" sung by Perry Como was the icing on the cake. The reason the Sylvester Stallone Rocky movies were so great was that people can relate to Rocky Balboa being a people's champion and his never say die attitude when he fought in the ring.