10 Best Films About Fathers

Movie Mom Nell Minow selects 10 memorable movie dads who help us better understand our own fathers and inspire us to be better parents ourselves.


06/17/2011 09:48:10 AM

One of my favorites is John Wayne in Mclintock...when he tells his daughter of the struggles he faced with her Mother, when they were young and striking out on their own. You have to see it to appreciate it. Of course for those of us who grew up with Step Dads? Don't forget "Dutch" Don't forget "The Champ" and as corny as it sounds? The very last Rocky movie "Balboa" Its a very touching scene when he lets his son "have it".


06/17/2011 08:54:19 AM

Another wonderful film about fathers...Life as a House. Kevin Kline plays a man who finds himself with terminal cancer and spends the last few months of his life truly changing the life of his rebellious teenage son. I required a box of tissues for this one.


06/16/2011 08:24:08 PM

These are all wonderful films and great fathers. But why does the mother have to be dead or completely absent for the fathers to reveal their greatness? It's a sad statement: are they only great by default?


06/19/2009 10:09:26 AM

I can't believe that you left out Mrs. Doubtfire!!!!



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