'Acting Is a Form of Prayer'

Liam Neeson rediscovered spirituality when he realized his passion for acting itself was a connection to the divine


05/05/2011 01:37:44 PM

I a'ready loved Liam Neeson- he's one of my favorite actors. He's captivating on screen. I had no idea he was so wise and spiritual. I think Neeson's connection between Loyola's and Stanislavsky's teachings is really interesting. It reminds me of Dee Wallace, who played Elliot's mom in ET (http://iamdeewallace.com). She studied under Uta Hagen, who is probably as renowned as Stanislavsky in the acting world. Dee wrote a book called Bright Light about lessons she's learned in spirituality from a life in Hollywood. It's a really good book- I'd recommend it if you're curious about a more spiritual perspective rather than an adherent to a specific religion.


05/03/2010 12:26:14 PM

con-oo is a bafoon and im assuming isnt even a christian. liam neeson is anything but a "nutcase", he seems like a very wise man and a Believer. i just have one problem with him though. he made that AWFUL movie "kinsey" which is about sex and immoral acts of sex, and kinsey himself was a pretty disgusting man. there is a scene in which neeson kisses another man! i was shocked by this, so i dont really know what to make of him after i saw that.


12/10/2003 11:09:37 PM

Just love how Catholics always feel like they have to make excuses for being Catholic. Why can't Liam Neeson just admit that he likes being Catholic, without having to add the addendum..."I'm Catholic, but...."


10/13/2003 07:00:31 PM

bardmountain, you are right and as a devout Catholic I see no problem in your statements. Catholicism should pride itself on being a faith in which ideas are not stolen but are valued and examed and then Christianized accordingly. It should be noted that it was the Catholic faith that was able to convert millions of Natives during the Great Exchange aka Age of Exploration by valuing their culture (maybe not as much as we should have) and using it to teach them about our faith, which is not what other Christian religions such as the Puritains did.


10/11/2003 05:59:46 PM

I am offended by the negative remark made previously. The Mission was a moving movie and I am glad to see someone making a thoughtful impact in the world.


10/10/2003 01:14:16 PM

Liam is a nut case,period, end of story.


10/08/2003 08:42:35 AM

Most christians still celebrate Christmas in December even though according to research,Jesus was born sometime in April.What about Easter?Wrong timing again.Halloween?Worst form of heresy in some peoples' eyes.In other words,only God knows what the plan is.I put up the tree(winter solstice),dye eggs with my kids(festival of Eostre sp?)and help my kids dress as their fave Lord Of The Rings Character to get candy and watch vampire movies.It's not the ritual nor staunch belief that only you are right about God.If it was,none of us would be here. Relationship w/Him or lack thereof is a personal choice.Kudos to Liam for finding his way to spiritual fulfilment especially in a profession where it's easier not to.


10/06/2003 04:14:33 PM

bard: while what you say is not without some truth, what Catholicism and Judaism took from other religions they digested carefully, only after theologians or prophets carefully considered what others had to offer. Consider the Yahwist and Priestly accounts of creation, skillfully interwoven in Genesis. This is not a casual heaping together of philosophies in the modern new-agey style. This is the result of an editor or editors carefully considering over time what is true and good in different sources, and carefully deciding how to fuse a whole out of it. No different is Augustine's careful marriage of Platonic rationalism to Pauline Hebraic thinking.


10/06/2003 03:48:34 PM

rbethell, Let's not forget Catholicism and Judaism ate heavily at the tables of paganism, zoroastorianism, and Roman thought and religions before getting around to writing things down, and they have continued to dine on ideas from other religions and philosophies ever since. Catholicism and Judaism have continued as viable religions today due to their malleability, not their rigidity (which is, of course, much to their credit).


10/06/2003 03:00:35 PM

Liam Neeson is sooooo sexy!


10/06/2003 09:55:44 AM

Oh, I think the word heresy is a legitimate enough one. If there were not fully articulated belief systems like Catholicism and Judaism, the "buffet believers" would not have the smorgasbord set before them to lunch at. It is fine that many want to have an ecumenical religion. But be not so condescending to those of us who don't: we're the ones who preserve the buffet.


10/06/2003 04:30:56 AM

in full agreement with jilldelage to study other religions other faiths is a great and wonderful task to set yourself. As for Liam Neeson I have renewed respect for the man to bring prayer into your work is a great exercise for your spirituality I make crochetted lace and also woolly squares to make up and give away as comfort blankets for the disadvantaged and as a skilled embroiderer I make greetings cards and pictures for family and friends if your work is done prayerfully no matter what your work is it will end up well if I make a card for instance I find I am praying for blessing for the person concerned it makes for a peaceful happy life


10/05/2003 02:34:16 PM

I think studying many religions is a very enlightened approach. From there, one can either confirm their personal beliefs or challenge them. And I'd like to add: The word "heresy" is a word of politics and control, and has little to do with true religion.


10/04/2003 09:49:42 AM

Another great example of the "New Springtime".


10/04/2003 05:11:49 AM

The four Gospels represent four different perspectives of the life of Jesus. Everyone who choose a christian path believes in Christ in their own way and it isnot for anyone to judge what is right or what is heresy. Liam Neeson has found what works for him. God bless him and his family on their diverse spiritual path. Amen.


10/04/2003 03:57:50 AM

able, I strong disagree. I think you need to look at from where he from. I mean think about people been fighting in ireland and in europe for ages cliam to know the trueh faith ? Is anyone really true to one faith ? have not yuou questions things in your life ? Life is feel with up and down that is life you know.


10/03/2003 08:39:51 PM

"I do still believe, but I like to encompass all religions now. I believe we're all paying homage to God." Liam's Catholicism sounds like heresy to me. . .


10/03/2003 07:40:47 PM

Well, it IS the One True Church of Jesus Christ, but a good article nonetheless. Interesting to learn about the link between St Ignatius and Stanislavsky.


10/03/2003 06:37:30 PM

Thanks Bnet, always good to hear about Liam. Wonderful actor, neat guy.