Andy Dick Finds God the Hard Way

The comedian talks about comedy, Christians, and talking to God.

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Did you ever think that you might be offending some people?
I do not like to offend groups. I'm the first to ask, "Is this going to be offensive?" There are things I will not do. I don’t think there is anything funny about anything to do with children or child porn or child abuse. It needs to be addressed, but not in a comic way.

Do Christians have a sense of humor?
Heck, yeah. In every group there are people who are funny and people who are just serious. The ultimate is when you make people laugh, but they are left with something to make them reflect, or to move them--to really affect the quality of their lives in a positive way. Sometimes just the act of laughing does that. That's why I don’t try to have a message. If they are laughing, they're being affected in a positive way. Sometimes, to get to people who are real lost, you have to almost shake them up. You just lighten them up a little bit, and maybe they are on their way. I'm candid in order to get to those people, cuz I have been in such dark places.

I mean this stuff. People don’t know that about me. They just think I'm a freak. You cannot be this successful without having God on your side.

Some comedians say their talent is a gift from God.
Oh yeah, but you can squander that. It is totally my God-given gift and I say, "Dear God, please let me be an empty vessel to do your work. This is all you. Thank you."

Then I can relax, because if the show falls flat, it is God. I am serious. You can look at it as a cop out, but really I look at it like I have somebody big watching my back. Seriously. And that is why I kick ass. I kick ass because it is not just me. It is me and God.

Do you pray?
I pray a lot. I pray more than most people. I honestly think I pray more than a lot of churchgoing Christians.

Do you read the Bible?
No. I don't know the Bible well, but I quote it a lot. I have people around me--I do this on purpose--I have this guy Declan who is a living Bible. It's like walking around with a giant Bible next to you. Everything that goes on, he has some quote, then I find myself quoting that.

You've obviously been through a lot. Do you want people praying for you?
Yeah, don’t you? I really do. I think it's wise to have and it's why I am kicking butt. I was sober for three years and when I started getting in my own head again, started getting real dark I had Sherri pray and Declan was in Europe and he got this convent full of nuns to pray for me, and whatever happened, I had a turnaround, like a 180. I cannot even describe it. Incredible.

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