Andy Dick Finds God the Hard Way

The comedian talks about comedy, Christians, and talking to God.


02/20/2007 08:50:48 PM

No condemnation in Christ Jesus...but has anyone heard of NOT stepping on the bloodline? HMMM...Christian means to be set apart..seperated unto GOD..not I'll say I love Jesus b/c it might make me look good and then do whatever I want.


02/16/2004 07:05:05 PM

I think Andy Dick is wild and funny.


01/13/2004 03:18:03 PM

Dick is a very appropriate word in this situation


11/09/2003 11:45:00 PM

All I can say is Andy Dick is a real jerk, as evidenced by his behavior in shows where he has not being playing a character (ie. Trading Spaces and talk show interviews) Why anyone should care what he believes any more than the average joe is a mystery to me.


06/25/2003 05:39:51 PM

I think God is using Andy Dick. Everybody knows how many people are in need of Jesus in TV Land and the rest of the world. Regardless of how much this guy has ever read his bible, God has a plan to change people through Andy and his powerful testimony that God hasn't forsaken him. God won't forsake any of us. His faith is very admirable.


06/13/2003 12:40:07 PM

jmina34 I think that Andy Dick's business is his business...until he puts it out for all of the world on TV and in articles, such as this one. The reason I posted on this particular article is that I believe Christians are accountable to one another, as well as God. As unfortunate as it is, people have a tendency to look toward other people as examples for how to live a Godly or Christian life. That is why WHAT we do, even on this earth, does matter. It's not to say that even Christian human beings don't make mistakes. I just find it a poor example for anyone calling themselves Godly or Christian to use such profanity on as far-reaching a medium as TV.


05/24/2003 11:05:03 AM

fromoz and wolfily, "If you know that Satan has already lost surely Jesus knew that as well - so the so called temptation of Christ was just a farce - something bunged into the Bible for a bit of theatre? No, it was not just a farce. Jesus had to endure all of the things He was sent down here to endure. It waas already won, but He had to experience it in the flesh. Sometimes the experience is inevitable even when we know the outcome. Take childbirth for instance. A woman gets pregnant, she is going to have a baby, she knows the outcome already, but has to go through the pain of having it. She will either have it normally or a c-section, but she will give birth. Jesus spoke in parables so that those who were not seriously looking to understand, could not. He will reveal the truth only to those whose hearts really are seeking truth. Seek and you shall find!


05/23/2003 03:44:35 PM

Wolflily Thank you for agreeing with me that Jesus wasn't actually tempted and that it was just a bit of theatre to spruce up the story. But if we are being deceived about this aspect of the life of Jesus - what other parts are we also being deceived about? And after all didn't Jesus himself speak in parables to intentionally deceive? Surely because it's not mentioned in all the Gospels - the resurrection is also a bit of theatre that really didn't happen - but was just included to make the story complete? In fact isn't the whole Bible just like a very violent fairy story full of hate and injustice?


05/23/2003 10:23:14 AM

"If you know that Satan has already lost surely Jesus knew that as well - so the so called temptation of Christ was just a farse - something bunged into the Bible for a bit of theatre?" A lot of what Jesus allowed Himself to experience as a human was for our benefit and learning, not His. But also just to clarify the timeline a bit: At the point of Jesus' death on the cross, when He said,"It is finished," that was the victory moment. That is when the price for sin was paid in full. At the resurrection, death was defeated once for all. Amen!


05/22/2003 04:10:37 PM

I think that Andy's story is beautiful and shows the omnipotence of God. I wouldn't worry about his lack of bible reading, if he prays as much as he says that he does, God will begin to build a desire in Andy to get to know more about Him. God will give him the desire to read and know the word for himself. Those are the kind of things that God has to show you himself, no matter how much people tell you that studying is the right thing to do , you are not going to do until you have a God-thirst for it. And doing it to please people, or to be proper and correct realy just isn't right.


05/21/2003 02:07:27 PM

Nancy, you have hit the nail on the head. That is awesome when people are searching and praying to God but God made it clear in the Bible that the only way to get to God and spend eternity with Him is through his son, Jesus Christ!...."Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved." ACTS 4:12.


05/21/2003 12:29:40 PM

I read an interview with Andy several years ago and was taken aback that this guy who played a loveable goof ball on News Radio could have such a dark side. That is what drew me to read an interview with him in a Christian website. What a testament to God's power that he can reach out and touch ANYONE. All WE have to do is ask.


05/20/2003 04:10:11 PM

Sounds like Andy just needs to go to a meeting.


05/20/2003 03:07:39 PM

WOW...some of your posts are just clear illustrations of closed-mindedness. Andy Dick is a human just like the rest of us. He can use whatever language he wants and do whatever he'd like to long as he is true to himself and to his higher power - it's really none of anyone else's business.


05/20/2003 12:37:05 PM

"having no regard for human life," what is he a murderer or something? Of course, his addiction problems and personality issues would support the assessment of him being self-centered, unless he's made some significant change after becoming more religious. And I also think it's cruel to laugh at other people's suffering. But if you say he has no regard for human life makes him sound completely evil. Is he really that bad? To me it sounds more like he's just an immature person.


05/20/2003 11:00:32 AM

FromOz I just wanted to say something real quick as you and I rarely agree. I am in total agreement with you on your last statement. Religion does keep us from God. No truer words were ever spoken. When we spend our time being religious we are only stroking our own egos, not reflecting God. Yes, we do need to become as little children. That also means we make mistakes alot, but it enables us to be close to God. And ElGailon, you are right that God is inside us. We have the mind of Christ. It is amazing to me how close to the truth you are, but you do need the key ingredient, without Him, you are lost, no matter how close. That is Jesus Christ. God Bless, Nancy


05/20/2003 01:54:55 AM

ElGabilon Jesus said if we bring forth what is within us - that what we bring forth will set us free. Do you see that as having to do with God? Jesus also said that we need to be like infants to enter the kingdom - and what do infants know about religion? I think I agree with you - and once again I wish to promote the principle that religion keeps us from God.


05/20/2003 01:15:46 AM

Talking to "God" is no more than talking to your "true self". It is a mystical means of relieving the pain and trauma of living consciously in the world. The true self is that which you know is there but find it hard to get in touch with it. It is usually reached through pure meditation. By that we mean meditation without religious trappings. It is difficult to reach because since birth we have had heaped upon our consciousness a million and one things that have covered it up and are difficult to get past. Religious indoctrination especially. The Bob Hopes, Jack Benny, Milton Berle, etc. have gone forever. What we have left is the kind of crapola that Andy Dick presents. Finally one does not talk to God, one talks to oneself, which when all is said and done is "God".


05/18/2003 01:25:04 PM

From interviews in the past I know Andy Dick to be a pagan, who believes in polygamy, and is a self centered person having no regard for human life. I have no idea why someone would review him as being one of the funniest comedians around. He is a complete bore. Always has been. When he performed at UC Berkeley some years ago, he had no audience left at the end of his show. Everyone walked out. That's how bad he is.


05/17/2003 04:06:30 PM

Maxx113087 If you know that Satan has already lost surely Jesus knew that as well - so the so called temptation of Christ was just a farse - something bunged into the Bible for a bit of theatre? the colour of dirt I'm wondering if your mouth is the same "colour" as your name? Sure profanities are just words - but I know of no spiritual belief that will support the use of such language? I'm sure most of Beliefnets readers don't take offence at profanities - but doesn't it say a lot about the person who would choose to use such language? However I'm not sure if Christianity will be a big enough crutch for Andy Dick. To me he seems like a ship without a rudder.


05/17/2003 01:40:45 PM

There is nothing wrong with using "profane" words. Any words can be used in a way that would make them bad; as long as the words are not used to cause harm there is no reason to take offense from them.


05/17/2003 12:53:33 PM

Vorpal If you're asking, and you are - then the 'hard' "way" is most likely behind you.


05/17/2003 06:25:56 AM

One of the Christian actors Andy has as a guardian angel is named "Zachary Levi" -- I can't help but wonder if he was born Jewish. (It's possible that he and Andy have Jewish fathers -- "Dick" could be a German name, and he said his Dad was studying Judaism and Buddhism - a common combo for seeker-Jews). In case Zachary is Jewish, it makes me so sad as a Jew when other Jews leave our people to find G-d. G-d is at home too. Hmm. Hearing a little hypocrisy here -- I actually have "found" G-d in 12-Step programs, but I now use that new intimacy with G-d to meet Him in Jewish places. He's there in a beautiful way. I'm glad when anyone finds solace, I guess, but very sad for my people who are declining due to assimilation/intermarriage. Zachary, ya didn't have to leave us to find truth. Or, you could come back.


05/16/2003 07:44:22 PM

No fromoz, Satan is not successful. In fact, he has already lost. He may be seeming to win this battle, but he will not win the war. God is triumphant in everything.


05/16/2003 05:06:03 PM

This article about Andy Dick shocks me. I saw him on a "Trading Places" show recently and every other word he said was BLEEPED because it was too profane for prime time TV (which takes a lot these days). I'm hoping that maybe this article was written after that episode, and God has reached his heart and his mouth!


05/16/2003 04:49:40 PM

"You cannot be this successful without having God on your side". More Christian propoganda? Isn't Satan successful - and does Satan have god on his side?


05/16/2003 02:25:39 PM

Andy, this is directed toward you. (although it probably won't reach him. haha) God layed it on my heart a year ago to pray for actors and actresses and hollywood in general. He's given me a heart for acting and for film. One time this man spoke at our church out here in the burbs about this prayer group in hollywood and it RILED ME UP! God had confirmed what i was doing and I just want to say that you most definately have people praying for you. There are people EVERYWHERE that pray for you and the rest of hollywood alike. I hope you are encouraged. I am.


05/16/2003 12:26:05 PM

I never knew this about Andy Dick. It is wonderful to know that there are some good comedians out there who are Christian. I think I will have a whole different attitide while I am watching "Less Than Perfect" from now on. Thanks for sharing this with us Andy!!!!


05/16/2003 11:10:29 AM

What a refreshing interview. My husband and I have always enjoyed Andy Dick. I am very moved by his courage, and his authenticity. His ability to share transparently about his life, and all he is learning has blessed me as I read along here. May God continue to bless and lead Andy.... h1


05/16/2003 09:41:41 AM

Andy, if you're reading this, just know that you've got a lot of fans in the Christian community, and we love you and we'll be praying for you! "... Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well" (Matthew 6:33)


05/16/2003 06:48:46 AM

Glad to see Andy is on his way back to TV & to God! Keep up the good work! (((hugs)))


05/15/2003 10:47:06 PM

I think sometimes God lets us fall hard before we really decided that we need him. Its his own way of letting us know he is there....Andy you rock!


05/15/2003 09:01:47 PM

Is there an easy way to God?


05/15/2003 08:31:24 PM