Justin Bieber's Mom Has Her Own Story To Tell

Behind every great pop icon there’s a mother. In Justin Bieber‘s case, her name Pattie Mallette.

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PM: I’m hoping the teen readers get a sense of hope and inspiration to get through whatever difficult circumstances come their way. I mean, I went through a lot of abuse and a lot of really difficult things growing up — depression, anxiety, attempted suicide — and I really think that a lot of teenagers today can relate.

JWK: Because you have been through so much, was it a difficult decision to literally turn your life into an open book?

PM: It’s hard to be vulnerable in front of the whole world because everyone’s a critic — but I know why I’m doing it and I just have to keep remembering why I’m doing it.

JWK: Why are you doing it?

PM: I really want to help people. I really want to give somebody that hope that they need to keep going. I’ve had incredible responses so far. People are saying “You saved my life! I was suicidal!” They’re showing me their arms and where they used to cut (themselves) and they don’t anymore “because of you and because or your story and because of your courage. Thank you so much for sharing your story.” And that’s why I wrote it. That’s what keeps me going.

JWK: Your story begins with you being abused as a child and your teen years were also very difficult.


PM: My dad abandoned me when I was about two years old. So, he wasn’t around to protect me the way I needed to be protected. I started getting sexually abused from the time I was about five years old to the time I was ten. It really messed with my sense of self worth and my sense of all that was good with the world, almost. You know, I suffered with a lot of depression and anxiety after that. It really messed with me. So, unfortunately, I know that far too many people today — especially young people — can really relate. So, that was really important for me to include that stuff.

JWK: As you mentioned, you were suicidal at one point.

PM: Yeah. Getting into my teen years, I was filled with so much shame and pain that I got really involved with drugs and alcohol. I was hanging out with the wrong people and getting involved in the wrong relationships and everything just sort of spun out of control. So, one day I was 17 years old and I ended up trying to commit suicide and I ended up in the hospital. As a teenager, that was a really scary thing.

JWK: How old were you when you met (Justin’s father) Jeremy Bieber?

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