Confucius Say...Part 2

Confucius Say: "Man who drive like hell bound to get there."

Confucius Say: "Man who live in glass house should change clothes in basement."

Confucius Say: "Women who put detergent on top shelf, jump for Joy!"

Confucius Say: "Never argue with fool...he may be doing the same thing."

Confucius Say: "Best time to buy new mattress, at first sign of spring."

Confucius Say: "Adults are just wrinkled kids who owe money."

Confucius Say: "An old grave digger is called an Elderberry."

Confucius Say: "People who have gift of gab, not know how to wrap it up."

Confucius Say: "Time flies like arrow. Fruit flies like bananas."

Confucius Say: "A man who sits on tack gets point and will surely rise."

- Joke shared by Beliefnet member Jalus
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