In her last days, Whitney Houston talked about longing to see Jesus

Friends say that the late singer told them she sensed the end was near ... and the night before her death took the microphone at a nightclub to sing a poignant "Jesus Loves Me"


02/22/2012 11:01:35 PM

Not sure when this video was recorded, but there is no doubt that she touched some lives during that concert!!!!! (there's no way you could not be touched if you heard her sing her version of Jesus Love Me in concert) Every time I read an article, watch a video, or listen to her music, I begin to tear up. She was not strong enough to fight her demons, but God was able to use her to plant seeds around the world... She will always hold a special place in my heart.....RIP Whitney, knowing you were loved and appreciated!


02/21/2012 11:21:46 AM

@Toni, I never heard her say she was bigger than Jesus, and can't find it anywhere. She sang a song, "Somebody Bigger than You and I," about Jesus. She knew HE is bigger than you and I. Additionally, her mom is a bona fide preacher of the Gospel, so I don't believe she said such a thing. Someone of her stature cannot say a thing like that and the public not hear about it. We cannot believe everything someone says or that we read.


02/21/2012 11:20:37 AM

Many of us have giant logs in our own eyes as we criticize Whitney for something she said over 10 years ago. How can you see the small splinter in Mrs. Houston's eye with the big log in your own eye? We are not responsible for Whitney's sanctification - we should have enough to be concerned abut with our own lives without telling others what is wrong with theirs. Judge not - lest you be judged the same way when you get there. You will be held to the same standard that you are holding Whitney to right now. This is Jesus' teaching. The hairs on our heads are numbered - Our names were written before time began - God knows the day and hour that we will all go home - He will be there waiting for us at that time - His time for us. Its all in His design and power. We dont fight devils - we have nothing to fear from those devils - the holy spirit who indwells us does that for us. Jesus fought that fight on Calvary for us - Satan and death were defeated. Whitney was victorious.


02/21/2012 11:04:40 AM

Someone just wrote "You don't knowingly destroy your body to see Jesus. Yes, Whitney was a child of the church, but there are devils in that church as well as angels. I was hoping that she was able to fight the devils, but maybe not!" Our God of creation who reigns in heaven is soverign over all and his providence reign supreme. We are not more powerful than Him. We can not do things that are not in his perfect plan for us. Sister Whitney could not have destroyed her body if Jesus was not there in His perfect will waiting on her to come to Him. Had this not been her time in His perfect plan for her then it would not have happened - someone would have came to the door or something would have caused her to be rescued. We are not more powerful than God - we do not run around doing things that mess up his perfect plan for the day. Satan is not more powerful than God - Satan and his angels do not run around messing up God's perfect plan. God is God and there is no other. Put Him up high where He belongs. He is all-powerful and all knowing and He works his perfect plan in our lives daily as He loves us supremely. If Whitney ever made a profession of faith - if she ever bowed her knee to our wonderful creator - then she is in Heaven today enjoying he time with the creator - the God of comfort and the Prince of Mercy - the God of the Bible. What a day that will be when my Jesus I shall see - Sister Whitney is enjoying that day today.


02/17/2012 09:21:32 PM

No one really knows what happened. That is between her and God. All there is are speculations on what actually went down before she died. As for what she said over ten years ago, if she repented for what she said, she can be forgiven. We have to be very careful not to take judgemental approach because only God Almighty is qualified in that department.


02/17/2012 01:02:38 PM

I remember that she said once about ten years ago that she was "bigger than Jesus Christ!" I heard the interview. I heard her say it! I prayed for her then and I'm praying for her now. I hope God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit can forgive her!


02/17/2012 12:59:42 PM

You don't knowingly destroy your body to see Jesus. Yes, Whitney was a child of the church, but there are devils in that church as well as angels. I was hoping that she was able to fight the devils, but maybe not!