Trying to be a better parent, Paul McCartney swears off smoking dope

Blamed with the Beatles throughout the 1960-70s for popularizing recreational drugs, the 69-year-old musician gives up marijuana for 8-year-old daughter Beatrice.

McCartney, about to turn 70

On the eve of his 70th birthday, ex-Beatle Paul McCartney has told Rolling Stone magazine he’s given up smoking marijuana so he can be a better parent to 8-year-old Beatrice, his daughter with former wife Heather Mills.

McCartney, at left, with fellow Beatles in earlier years

Days after finally getting his own star in Hollywood’s Walk of Fame – the last Beatle to be so honored – he told the magazine: “When you’re bringing up a youngster, your sense of responsibility does kick in. Enough’s enough.”

According to the

British Press Association


, he did not explain why he didn’t see the need to stop his drug use while raising his four other

children, Mary Anna, Stella, Heather and James — the youngest who is 35.

McCartney and the Beatles were blamed throughout the 1960-70s for popularizing recreational drug use, which was cited for some of the nonsensical lyrics on the Magical Mystery Tour, Abbey Road and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band albums. “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” allegedly glorified LSD use, a charge the Beatles denied.

The foursome publicizing the "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" album

Drugs seemed to explain the perplexing lyrics of “I Am the Walrus,” “Strawberry Fields Forever,” and “Tomorrow Never Knows.” Consider these words from “Come Together”:

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