Olympics approve Sikh knives, will test hijabs for Muslim soccer women

The International Olympic Committee finds itself in a swirl of controversy for scheduling the London Summer Olympics during Ramadan -- and dithering over whether Muslim women can wear head-coverings


06/17/2012 02:57:00 PM

Whatever a person believes in is that person's own perogativeand their right. It is therefore his own responsibility and up to him to deal with that himself. That is no anyone else's job to do for him, and that person's doctrines and practices do not apply to anyone else who do not subscribe to that theological system of belief, and should not effect others or be unduely imposed on them either, Give it to one, you would have to give it to all. If one has it, all others would equally have the right to expect getting it also. It is right that the London 2012 Olympics Games have gone ahead on the dates originally arranged. If this event was changed to avoid overlap with Ramadan, then by principle all other events would have to be scheduled according with all sorts of 'special days' of all other religions. The religious dogmas/doctrines however a minoirty would then have to overrule all else and thereby be imposed upon everyone else including the great majory of those who do not believe in them. This would be both unreasonable and impracticable. Looking further along the line, there would not be much room to do anything becuase of religons getting in the way of everything and everyone else. Civil liberties and freedoms of humanity would become impeded and lost. The Olympics during Ramadan should be used in a positive way as a learning opportunity for people to learn to be more flexible. It is no crime or great sin to be flexible when needed. Let the Olympics be a great celebration of all humanity and the best of humanity as a rightfully free intelligent sentient living race.


04/02/2012 07:35:42 AM

Did you READ the article JeRK jj ??? Or did you SIMPLY react to the headline/first paragraph -- they are allowing the men to have 3 inch knives (um - the picture above)... the officials are restricting the women's headware because it might interfere in the game - NOW they are TRYING a new version to make sure it doesn't flow and interfere!


03/27/2012 02:03:58 PM

I do not care what you say WOW I say keep them out and there should be others out also. You can call it what you want one of them tried it in his underwear so headwear they could make it work.


03/27/2012 11:56:37 AM

hey - jrkjj -- (looks like jerk to me).... did you read the whole story, and look at the photo? they have altered head wraps to be what looks to me like a tight fitting cap.... and the reasoning was never that they might hid something -- it was pertaining to their OWN safety as their peripheral vision was impaired - and now that has been solved, and it under consideration. The Olympics are a meeting of ALL religions, and it is wonderful that Iranian women are even there - since they are horribly oppressed in their own country - if a fitted cap is all they need be involved and see a little freedom.... this CHRISTIAN woman says give it to them!!


03/27/2012 07:57:19 AM

This is not the Muslim Olympics if they cannot follow the rules, "Tough Luck" get out. The should not be given special treatment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They could hide anything in their wrap around the head, it could be dangerous to the rest of the atheletes.