Jamie Foxx proclaims Obama “Lord and Savior”

Shock works so well on TV. But viewers aren’t startled anymore by cuss words. So, let’s try blasphemy! After all, Christians will just turn the other cheek. And offending Hindus, Muslims or even atheists is dangerous.


12/24/2012 09:30:34 AM

From this it really does seem that Americans just don't get irony. It seems quite clear to me, even as a Christian, that he was likely just lambasting the way many people treat Obama as though he really was Lord and Saviour, not suggesting that he was so. An observation I have made many times myself, even though I might not have chosen the same method to make my point. If he had a more discerning and less humour-impaired audience his point might have got across better.


11/28/2012 09:04:17 AM

I used to LOVE Jamie Fox!! NO MORE!! The Lord above is our "Lord and Savior" not Obama, he is the anti-christ!!