Tourists pack the pews of Harlem's churches

“The service was beautiful and uplifting,” writes a British tourist rating the experience at five stars. Her 16-year-old son commented if all churches were like that, "more people would go." Maybe that explains the long lines around the block.


05/01/2012 05:25:23 PM

Dear Miss or Mister, I'm the C�leste Lejeune Mother. I'm not very glad of these articles who are not right (also in where I can't send my comment! ). My daughter doesn't known the history of that church, ok! But she is not a tourist! She is living in NY, she is resident and she is in the Young People Chorus (and before in the Brooklyn young chorus) and she was at Mother African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church in Harlem to hear Songs of Gospel she likes and she is learning! And she told reporters! Thank you to rectify these articles who are not sign.... And I think it's possible to stop the arrival of the tourists if you want really. I agree a church is to pray and not to look at as a curious thing... best regards, cordially, V.Lejeune