Clean Comedians

The comedians in this list have managed the impressive feat of being both hilarious and clean. From Jerry Seinfeld to Bill Cosby, these are the comedians you could take your grandma to see.


01/10/2012 10:26:38 PM

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10/13/2011 03:56:55 PM

I enjoyed those clips--great list! I would also add Weird Al Yankovic to it. Although not a stand-up comic, he is certainly a comedian of a sort, and he's also known for keeping his work clean.


09/27/2011 05:43:33 PM

I am so disappointed that you left out Sinbad. He is clean, funny and a man of God. He has been around for a long time and has always been someone you can enjoy and not wince at every other word.


09/23/2011 02:39:21 AM

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07/11/2011 09:20:05 AM

I'm not sure who edits/proofs your video clips for suitability but this one may have slipped past him/her. I would cut the last few lines as Jerry takes the name of our Lord in vain.