Dream Work and Journaling

Write down your dreams, so you can track your future.

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Here are some ideas and prompts for you in working with your dreams!

• Before you fall asleep, ask for guidance on an area of your life that is important for you right now.

• You can even record the question and request guidance on paper.

• If you use astrology be aware of your transits and cycles-or if you’re not, get a consultation from someone you trust, to help you understand what’s happening at the unconscious level through your birth chart.

• When you wake, replay the dream in your mind so that you catch it all and record it as soon as you can.

• Keep a torch, paper and pen by the bed-you can transfer the information later to your journal.


• Note what key emotion(s) or charge, were associated with the dream, as this is very important.

• Was the dream in colour or black and white?

• What was the dream about and who/what did you recognise in it? Remember symbolism is key.

• Write down the key events, themes and images.

• What Archetypes showed up in your dream?

• What message(s) or feeling(s) did you receive from the dream?

Once you have all this information, start to relate it to the question or issue you have been working with. Examine whether the dream affords a quick answer-often they do and there is no great need for lengthy interpretations. Other times you may need to work on the dream and tease out what each symbol or key event means for you. Once you have an answer, reflect on what action you need to take next! This way you are showing your Higher Self that you can be guided and will indeed follow your inner guidance. If this is in conflict with others, or even with your own rational mind, you can be sure it is worth exploring and following.



Over the next few days, be alert to any further guidance and record this in your journal. By doing this you become aware of your dream life and see how it can add greater meaning to daily events and people who show up in your World. Coincidences may multiply and synchronicities often seem to occur when I do this!

Write a summary of the findings and then once you feel this is complete you can move onto a new topic.

Review this on a regular basis and keep your spiritual journals, dream journal and birth charts together, as you may want to cross reference them at turning points in your life. This may be a time when you have a “big dream” or receive any new revelations about your life purpose. Often the bigger picture needs time to form the beautiful mosaic, like the jigsaw that it is. You become bigger by working at this level, allowing the richness of the Divine’s hand to show up and guide you in your life! Plus you are able to see the beauty of all life and your unique role in a new light!

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