George Foreman's Second Chance

The boxing legend, ordained minister, and 'King of the Grills' talks about the power of forgiveness.


07/09/2007 03:19:16 PM

MMM low fat beef


07/08/2007 03:09:18 AM

Too bad he believed what he once saw in the Kung Fu was Buddhism, when obviously it was not. At least he feels he has found his way.


07/07/2007 03:13:54 PM

Part of the message of Christianity is that Jesus changes people in spite of their upbringing. George Forman rejected Islam because he did not see the change in Mohammed Ali that wanted to be able to see in is his own life.


07/06/2007 11:40:16 PM

as much as I love that he converted to Christian over islam, but Ali attude most likely came from his rough life, rathern then islam perse. Some claim the nation of islam is not same as Islam. I am christian and I will not say more. Rev Foreman keep preaching the word brother amen. Jesus is Lord and that for sure.


06/18/2007 11:39:23 AM

George Foreman that is great he is a born again christian, he is a person who can teach the youth of today about fighting and just what it does to a person and who they can hurt some very badly. He can teach them who to control their tempers too. And just what it takes to be a boxer. And what the business is really like. Plus knowing Ali he can tell them just what CAN happen to a person who gets hit in the head to much, and how much damage it can do. God uses anyone, to serve him. And George can be a wonderful minister to the youth of today.