Words of Wisdom from Mr. T

On his new show, the legendary actor uses his Christian faith to help motivate and inspire people.


09/21/2013 08:29:07 AM

This guy who goes under the persona "Mr. T" is no Christian. Ironically he is what the Bible calls a "fool". No pun intended. He carries the usual misconception about God's purpose being one that fullfills our own will. T does not live his life serving God. He serves himself. He just uses God's name to promote his own cause. He might actually believe he is serving God. But he is dead wrong. His life does not reflect a Christian one. He's an idol. His gold chains symbolize all his vanity and self glory. His behavior proves his desire to be "like a god". Any man who thinks he puts God first will leave the life of fame. Only a hypocrite will attempt to do good things and have it broadcasted or admitted to the public. A true saint does good things in private or anonymously. Because it is NOT our own will that matters. It is God's. And we have been called OUT of society. We can not use the ways of society to promote God. Hence the reason why you see preachers being heckled on street corners. They are calling people OUT. If your demeanor is pleasing to an atheist, then you are NOT behaving like a Christian. Mr. T is of fame and fortune. He is a FRAUD. And I point the finger at the majority of ALL self proclaimed Christians who are also frauds. The road that leads to God is a narrow one. VERY narrow. And just imagine how careful you must walk it without stepping over the sides. There is little room for misguided mistakes. Society is of the world. Designed by greed. It has a large bubble around it. And the only way is OUTSIDE that bubble. If you think you can find God from within, you are a FOOL. Just like Mr. T. I pity him!! PUN INTENDED.


08/14/2011 03:33:50 PM

Mr T, It would be great if you could in some small way communicate to the young people involved in the riots in the UK that they should regret their actions, and that they should begin to respect the communities in which they live. The Government here have called in Supercop, William Bratton, but I think they need a role model instead.


04/23/2011 04:29:05 AM

I first saw Mister T when I was a kid, on TV in the Toughest Bouncer competition. Later I was excited when he showed up in Rocky III, mainly to satisfy my trivia-ego with friends because I recognized him from that relatively obscure earlier event. As time went on, and he became more famous, I thought of him mostly as the butt of clever jokes. Think: If you were exposed to as much fame as he has been, could you profess your faith as he has? Try it. I have serious doubts about whether I could. If even 1/10 of the story he tells in this article is true, he has done more to advance the Kingdom of God than I have. Also think: would you be embarrased making any of Mister T's claims about Jesus, God, redemption, etc. or repeating any of his prayers to God? Sadly, I confess: I cannot answer "no". I'm sorry I ever made fun of Mister T, and thank him for being a good role model, despite his faults.


09/06/2008 08:59:08 PM

I love Mr. T but I saw he on tv saleing a game called warcraft this is from the devil and Mr. T should not be telling kid or no body to play such an ungodly thing. I am a chef of sinners i know what I'm talking about, and Mr. T knows what I'm talking about sir go back to TBN and win souls for that is what we are called to do money is not every thing.


11/14/2006 06:15:42 PM

I care what he thinks, because he has so much love in his heart, mind and soul. Jesus told the story of the return of the Prodigal Son. If you find it shocking that he wore gold chains until recently, remember He rebuked Martha for criticizing Mary who was anointing his feet with precious oil. No matter what, he has always tried to help people, and he opened himself up to positive change and didn't let his ego get in the way. EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS, AND EVERY LITTLE BIT COUNTS. T, why don't you auction off those gold chains on E Bay and give the money to Katrina victims? I think it'd be a fitting way to tie up a loose end. Just a thought from a fellow sinner.


10/24/2006 05:08:45 PM

Mr. T is a good guy, but I find it shocking that a deeply religious person took almost 30 years and a natural disaster to realize that wearing all that gold was ostentatious.


10/23/2006 10:10:49 AM

I think this interview is great. It shows someone who has changed their life and tries to help people now.


10/22/2006 12:30:12 AM

Who cares what this guy thinks? Can't Bnet do better than this?