The Day Michael Jackson Told Me He Could Save Hitler

How the messiah complexes of modern celebrities divorce them from having to face reality.


10/09/2009 04:11:50 PM

Michael used visualization with Gavin- told him to imagine little Pac men inside eating the cancer. For Boteach to trivialize and minimize and attribute MJs belief in positive thought and visualization to a Messiah complex, demonstrates ignorance beyond the pale. Visualization is valid and even used in some hospitals now. The power of suggestion is strong. Doctors who employ these techniques can cause a patient to move blood from an area they are about to surgically open. MJ was a healer in many ways. I'm sure the shallow Rabbi can't grok this. If MJ had possession of the taped sessions in 2005, where did Boteach get the copies he airing on national TV? Did he make himself a copy? With MJs permission?


09/23/2009 08:42:20 PM

Okay, so I cannot see the transcript, figures, but I can see where this is going. Firstly, STOP referring to yourself as a friend of Michael's. You are not a friend. Thus far, everything I have seen written has been of you trashing your "friend" and now you will be profiting off his death by publishing a book about him. Why not RELEASE THE TAPES INSTEAD? Or, how about this, donate ALL the profits to charity! Back to the issue at hand, is it so wrong for a person to believe they could help another? Do you hate that Michael mentioned Hitler because he began the Holocaust? It is amazing to see someone like Michael see GOOD in everyone when people, like yourself, treated him so BAD. That takes a spirituality not known to many to see good in all. And you know what, Michael was and IS like MLK Jr., Mother Teresa, Ghandi, Princess Diana, etc. etc. There is nothing strange about that. I find it amazing that Michael revealed something like that because people like you actually took a truth and have attempted to turn it into trash. And as far as Michael fleeing from reality, well, is it not obvious why he was so mystical and magical? Because reality is harsh, cruel, and he had had enough abuse to last lifetimes, from people who did and didn't even know him. Why can't you follow in the path of your "friend" and start trying to help others? Thus far, you are doing nothing but using your own "celebrity" to hurt Michael. Michael was and always will be "good". I am not saying he was superhuman or didn't have his faults, all humans do. But he did a lot more, on a personal basis, for people, than most could ever do in their lifetime. He didn't just send money or send a fake letter, he actually cared enough to personally reach out to those who reached out to him, or just simply needed someone to help them in a time of need, most of those people being children, the defenseless.


07/13/2009 03:10:59 PM

Mister Rabbi, I personally thing none of us is good enough to save another human being. It is true that we are not all as bad as Hitler was, but for most of us this is because of God's grace, not out of lack of potential! Michael Jackson was not a saint; but who is one? I never heard him, in any interview asking for worship! Who made him what he became? wasn't us? He was a very special person, and even if he had all the money in the world, he did not have a happy life. He paid the price for his celebrity and for our enjoyment! Because he did give us much joy. I just hope he is in that better place we all want to finally get. And I hope people like you, who have the power, because of the influence they have, would tell the true, and asume the responsability of not being there fro Michael when he needed the most.


07/12/2009 08:45:43 AM

Rabbi, perhaps you should donate all of the proceeds of your upcoming expose of your beloved friend to his Heal the World Foundation. This would allow you to differentiate your friendship from all of the other money grabbing psychophants. Or better yet, why not simply destroy them rather than allowing any financial gain to be reaped from your tender mentorship of this gentle soul. Blessings and love, Cath


08/10/2005 12:42:52 PM

Shame on you Rabbi. (Part 2) ...This is a wonderful gift, not a bad thing, as you are trying to so hard to prove! (Remember, Hitler is just a man, he still feels and has all the senses as we do, regardless of how he acted in public. Who knows, maybe if someone had stood up to him and gave him love, kindness and refused to follow his craziness in the very beginning and instead got him help, put him on med's, whatever, who knows what History might have been today!) Also, you purposely attempt to portray Mr. Jackson as a self-absorbed money hungry "Messiah." This goes against the teaching's of what you are all about! In an event like this, you should no longer be allowed to hold such a honorable title as Rabbi, for this is a honor, not privilege and you are abusing it! Aren't you suppose to be kind, loving, a teacher and helpful? Not vengeful, cruel, slanderous and demeaning?! Owe!


08/10/2005 12:41:40 PM

Shame on you Rabbi. (Part 1) No matter how one looks at this article, it appears that you are simply using personal information that Mr. Jackson and you discussed for your article without his consent to print for your personal gain! You abused his confidence while representing yourself as a Rabbi! I am no fan of Michael Jackson's anymore, but I believe in fairness, values, morals and am shocked that a RABBI doesn't! No where do you state how Mr. Jackson gives Million's of dollars to charity or that his Neverland Ranch is opened up all the time to the public to help organizations raise money etc. Mr. Jackson, even though he has some major issues, does also have quite a big heart filled with love/kindness as your article colorfully describes and he obviously believes that with these positive qualities (As many of us feel the same way, not just Celebrities) that he could possibly help someone see the positive light, even someone as evil as Hitler.


05/19/2005 06:14:18 PM

I find it interesting that one man with "messiah complex"(Michael)thinks that he could have saved another man with the "messiah complex"(Hitler). They both suffer delusions of grandeur. Wonder if Hitler would have thought himself able to save Michael.


05/19/2005 01:06:14 PM

The Rabbi is breaking one of the fundamental rules of any clergy, breaking the silence of another’s confidence. Whether MJ was a parishioner or not, I’m sure he didn’t think his thoughts would be thrown to the public.


05/19/2005 03:39:11 AM

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05/18/2005 09:00:38 PM

Rabbi Boteach was once a staunch supporter of Michael, as evidenced on Valentine's Day 2001, when I saw them both at Carnegie Hall in New York City at a presentation announcing a new Heal the Kids charitable endeavor. Unfortunately, it is obvious that they are no longer friends. The rabbi has busied himself with taking cheap potshots at Michael insteading of trying to reach out to his former friend with compassion and kindness. If the show were on the other foot, Michael would not leave Rabbi Boteach in the lurch, I am sure.


05/18/2005 08:51:45 PM

Rabbi Boteach applies a gross generalization to all American celebrities, saying they think they are gods and messiahs. Wanting to help someone else and thinking you might have made a difference in someone else's thinking is why Boteach is writing and talking. Using Boteach's logic, he himself would be guilty of some sort of messiah complex. Considering Boteach feels qualified to judge Hitler as evil incarnate, without one shred of goodness within his soul that Anyone could reach makes me wonder... Boteach must think he has amazing powers, far beyond those of mere mortals. I suspect a messiah complex. ;-j


05/18/2005 05:54:44 PM

Wow, Boteach has turned out to be some friend and spiritual advisor. IMO he is more of a "self-absorbed hollywood celeberty" than Michael Jackson, and much more twisted at that. Michael didn't say anything horrible or even wrong in this "interview" or any other that he has ever given in his life. I wonder what really promped Boteach to submit this mean spirited, cynical blurb. Certainly not for the purpose of "positive ends".


05/18/2005 01:53:34 PM

Rabbi Shmuley is acting completely self-righteous! If I remember correctly what the bible teaches, everyone has good in them. No one else is above another! Yes, Hitler did evil things; he was mentally ill and sadistic. But that doesn't mean that he was incapable of goodness. Everyone has some innate goodness with them. Anyone can change! He is wrong for judging Michael Jackson for believing he could find goodness in Hitler. I'm sure we could even find some inkling of good in George Bush! :)


05/17/2005 07:18:27 PM

I don't feel that anyone is beyond redemption; theoretically, someone could have turned Hitler good even after he murdered millions of people. But I don't think I could have done it, and I pretty much know Michael Jackson couldn't have; someone as filled with hatred and darkness as he may have required no less than God Himself.


05/17/2005 04:22:45 PM

I believe michael was saying that he could have found some good in hitler I do not think he was saying he could change him. As for his spending, that money is his to spend how he pleases and I he lavishes fans and charities with money too which you failed to mention. You speak of Jesus and then criticize someone for believing what Jesus teaches. Come on Rabbi you are much wiser than that.


05/17/2005 01:15:43 PM

As for dealing with Hitler, sorry, but he was not some figure of supernatural evil. To say so is to give him more power than he actually had. Hitler succeeded because he had the (twisted) will of the people on his side. Yes, it's comical to think of Michael Jackson trying to "save" Hitler. But to claim any enemy as pure evil is counterproductive.


05/17/2005 01:05:51 PM

I think the Rabbi needs to provide a little context here. Was this during the course of a private conversation? If so, I find it disquieting that Boteach would breach his former friend's privacy that way. (Of course, I feel that Boteach has behaved shamefully about the whole MJ matter; he said nothing bad about the man until he was indicted, and since then has gone out of his way to distance himself from him.


05/17/2005 10:22:53 AM

…but by condemning a person's soul as "evil incarnate", Rabbi Boteach is himself assuming divine powers not entitled to him. It doesn’t take G-D to figure out that Hitler was evil incarnate. In fact, if people had been just a bit more perceptive like that in the beginning, AH would never have gotten out of Bavaria.


05/17/2005 09:48:58 AM

I can't help but feel that Rabbi Boteach used Mr Jackson's position and humanitarian beliefs to increase his own profile and further his own name, and when this connection was cut off the Rabbi decided to turn face and use Mr Jackson's unfortunate situation to again increase his own profile and receive attention through cheap, nasty and opportunistic sniping. I can only hope that when this is all over, Mr Jackson will no longer have to suffer hangers on such as Rabbi Boteach using his nature and beliefs to further themselves. I would have far more respect and time for Rabbi Boteach if he had stood by a man he once hailed and lauded.


05/17/2005 09:37:51 AM

PS - I love how this Rabbi was Jackson's biggest advocate until now when he feels it is ok to turn on him and backstab him. Jackson was spending millions on clothes and having people hold his umbrella back when the Rabbi was his ally, too, and the Rabbi never felt the need to criticize him for his hubris back then.


05/17/2005 09:35:51 AM

"...his naïve assumption that even hardened mass-murderers have something good left in them..." I guess Pope John Paul II must have been very naive, as this is the exact argument that the Catholic Church uses against the death penalty. Other than the fact that any kind of killing - evan an execution - is wrong, executing a criminal takes away his chance to reconcile with the Lord and be redeemed.


05/17/2005 05:43:11 AM

If all humans are God's children, then there must be goodness in everyone. Environment and circumstance mould people into what they are. I completely agree with Mr Jackson that if you can get to people's hearts, and show them the light, then evil can be overcome. Past acts can't be changed, such as with murderers, but surely everyone deserves redemption and to be cleansed. Evil comes from underlying insecurity. Mr Jackson's view of the world and wanting to heal is not because of his celebrity, it is because of who he is and what he believes.


05/17/2005 05:28:27 AM

but unlike the Rebbe i do not take it that Hitler had forsaken his humanity. Au contraire. this is the final fruit of humanity itself. But then i feel required by this to believe in original sin where Hitler went I also could have gone but for the grace of God. what good was in me would never save me, for god does not weigh good versus evil. if i am not perfect i am worthy of damnation, and am only saved by his free grace and mercy. so jacksons intentions were false being based on poor thinking, toucing the good in us does not save us. only by leading me to repent of my evil in the name of the Lord of Israel can God save me.


05/17/2005 02:20:32 AM

Rabbi Boteach is a bit extreme in his analysis...While it can be argued that Michael Jackson is self centered in thinking HE ALONE might be able to curtail evil in Hitler, I do not think it is naive or even idealistic to believe there is good in everyone. Hitler committed atrocities, but he and other Nazis were still human beings with emotions. They are not just mindless lunatics born with some innate desire to kill. Furthermore, we as human beings are in no position to assign people as being "more evil" or "more good" as that as up to God Almighty alone. Our responsibilities are to maintain justice as we best see fit (i.e. punishment for genocide), but by condemning a person's soul as "evil incarnate", Rabbi Boteach is himself assuming divine powers not entitled to him.


05/16/2005 11:19:04 PM

Who knows what combination of events may have tipped the scale at various points, even in the life of Hitler. Chaos theory shows that even the smallest of events can have huge effects over time. Here in Toronto a man came armed with many rifles and handguns with the intent to kill as many people as he could. As luck would have it he loved dogs and as he walked along the boardwalk a dog came up, wagged its tail and greeted him with warmth. A little while later the man called and turned himself in to the police. While Michael Jackson was showing naivety and hubris, so is anyone who says that acts of kindness may not have incredible affect. At the right moment a seemingly insignificant event could have changed the course of world history.



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