On the Autism Warpath

When her son received an autism diagnosis, actress Jenny McCarthy went into 'warrior mode' to save her child--and other kids.


03/07/2010 01:46:35 PM

Don't be distracted by a description of someone ! Please the issue at hand is a scream needing to be really heard & understood . YES WE DO HAVE SCIENCE THAT PROVES THE VACCINE / AUTISM CONNECTION !!! I will shout it from the rooftops if I must . Thimerosal is Mercury poison . Never meant for human consumption . We stay ignorant on purpose ... this must not continue . Doctors do not put this ' bad medicine ' on their own people . That right there should say volumes !!! RESEARCH EVERYTHING 1000 times if you have to , but don't stay un educated on purpose . Every dis-ease is LAB-CREATED. We could learn a lot from remote villages who never have these diseases. Vaccines should be out-lawed ! They test them on soldiers ; prisoners ; your children ; & animals . How nice of them . The library is still a legal source of info . & it's FREE! Read "World Without Cancer' ; then decide how you feel ..... Alternative Medicine - we should at least have that choice ....


03/06/2010 07:56:51 AM

Why do you have to ruin a great story by starting the article with "sex symbol...."? Is that a profession? An accomplished skill? A talent? It is just a very weird thing to start an article off with.... as if it even has anything to do with autism and how Jenny helps her son overcome this devastating disease. It almost disqualifies the whole story! It totally ruined it for me! Even though I kept reading, I kept thinking about "sex symbol" and "mother" and "son" and "autism" all being used in the same paragraph.....and it just didn't fit. Usually one's greatest accomplishments are listed first. Just an observation that seems so odd to me.....


04/11/2008 11:18:46 AM

frgough is the ignorant one! Thimerasol is still in a number of vaccines including fiu shots that you received last year!! All I have to say is a statement like that tells me you have no guilt about your children because the mother does all the research and work surrounding them. You just stuck yourself in the biggest poopoo pile the autistic community that you could have! I praise Jenny for her boldness and strength to put up with the garbage that is being given to us by our governmentand we need more celebrities to speak out because no body listens to parents. My heart goes out to her and her family.


04/07/2008 10:59:10 AM

Ugh. Just another example of give a celebrity a pen and everyone thinks he or she is an expert. The moment I read "clean up the vaccines," I knew I was dealing with the ignorant. Vaccines do not cause Autism. Period. And, just for the sake of argument, assume Thimerasol DID cause autism. It hasn't been used as a vaccine preservative for 15 years. I'm very sorry that Jenny McCarthy has to struggle with an autistic child, but, please. Guilt? Anxiety attacks? It sounds to me like Ms. McCarthy needs to grow up a little bit. I have three autistic children and I have never suffered guilt, nor "anxiety attacks," nor do I measure my autistic child's worth based on whether or not he'll "make out" as a teenager (what a shallow definition of social development). And, finally, I don't go around blaming vaccines and society.