More Mannequin Than Man?

Michael Jackson sacrificed his humanity in his relentless quest for fame.


08/14/2011 02:33:49 AM

Little think rabbi, MJ was not just celebrity , he was a genius


11/23/2009 09:19:31 PM

Wow, no wonder Boteach was listed as an enemy of Michael Jackson. After MJ opens his heart to share his innermost feelings, he is betrayed with an horrible article like this from a man who will never know the real Michael Jackson, let alone understand him.


11/13/2009 05:22:40 PM

Vindication for Michael! Join ... Help us make mainstream media accountable for their lies. Join ... Help us terminate Martin Bashir. Join ... Sign up for the newsletter! Boycott power forming now. THANK YOU! *It's all for LOVE...L.O.V.E.*


11/13/2009 08:52:33 AM

Agreed! This article wasn't written by someone who was any lind of a true frined to Michael Jackson. As a supposed man of faith, Rabbi Shmuley sure doesn't know how to honor the spirit of Michael Jackson and recognize all that was good in him. Shame on you!


11/08/2009 08:00:50 AM

this site should be ashamed of themselves for posting rubbish like this on as their content...I thought this is a positive site, yet this article is quite negative, and since when are you the judge of anyone? what is your purpose with articles like this one? as to Mr. Rabbi S., you are PATHETIC.... who are you to judge anyone... what kind of a friend...rabbi....counselor are you ??? people come to you in confindence and you break it? so much for your CREDIBILITY of being a so called "confidant". do you go and trumpet publicly all of your patients' and friends' problems ??? SHAME ON YOU! no respect for you sir. you are just a fame-seeker and a poor confidant and counselor, you should quit your job!!! all my respects to Michael Jackson's memory and to his family! and sincerest apologies for all the bad stuff they have to hear from all the "so called "friends" of Michael's!


11/04/2009 12:27:49 AM

I agree! This article is out right sick! Michael was a wonderful man with a beautiful soul. It's not fair to keep slandering him this way! I believe this "Rabbi" has no clue what he is talking about. Im with you, dreamzville about doing everything I can to help Michael and his family. This madness and slandering against Michael Jackson has got to stop!


10/28/2009 11:01:07 PM

This article stinks like hell. It is a huge pile of slander, snideness, and a horrible sick bitterness. I plan on boycotting Beliefnet if they publish anything by Schmuley Boteach again, because he is extremely vengeful toward Michael Jackson, and even after death Boteach continues to use his previous connection to Jackson for MONEY, for his own personal, twisted GAIN.. Schmuley Boteach is no longer even recognized as a rabbi...he has worn out his welcome in more than one country. The reason why he was "estranged" from Michael Jackson's life is because Michael was sensitive and savvy enough to recognize what a phony, fame-seeking leech Schmuley Boteach. Boteach was investigated for fraud by the British Charitable Commission, is barred from using the pulpit in the UK, and had unseemly financial dealings with US charities as well. Since Michael cut personal ties with him, it seems as if Boteach has been spinning stories which "almost but not quite" continue the lies of Michael's pedophilia allegations, in pure, sick REVENGE. Schmuley Boteach now needs to be barred from Beliefnet! For more information on how you can help us clear Michael Jackson's good name, please visit: We call for complete vindication of Michael Jackson by mainstream media. Michael Jackson was exonerated by a jury of his peers in 2005. Not good enoughfor his fans. For his children's sake, mainstream media must become more responsible. We discuss how truth can compel mainstream media to publicly admit it wrongly accused Michael Jackson of despicable crimes. Many people still believe Michael Jackson was guilty of these crimes. People were influenced to believe the allegations were true by a biased mainstream media.


08/08/2009 02:22:57 AM

I can see why Michael was so sad . anyone who he considered to be "friends ". like this rabbi, seemed to hold Michael in contempt. Michael obviously had very , very few genuine friends


07/18/2009 03:46:44 PM

"the institutionalized arrogance that comes with celebrity is a noxious poison that can kill off all that is healthy in man". I'm not an American but have understood that Rabbi Boteach is something of a celebrity himself; if that is indeed the case, is it not slightly hypocritical of him to write that Mr. Jackson was 'divorced from reality and humanity' because he saw himself above the common laws of mere mortal society (the entertainment version of Crime and Punishment). At the same time, the Rabbi himself seems to claim that his superior spirituality puts him above the fallibility of other, inferior, celebrities, who can't help but fall in love with fame and fortune, themselves, and arrogance. A bit arrogant, no? I understand that getting off one's celebrity high horse is about as impossible as it is for us not to stare and the false glamour of the stars, but a bit of self consciousness can go a long way in preventing one from publishing such bluntly self-contradictory statements, I should hope. I would much rather read a piece with the same message but with more self-humor and insight from someone who is himself such a public figure.


07/05/2009 10:10:30 PM

can somebody tell me is there is more to this article? or is only one page article thank u


06/17/2005 09:23:16 AM

I am not sure why Micheal elected to change his skin coloring I assume he used some blending of other color persons to change his skin coloring, and now not having the melanin he needs to protect himself from skin cancers he has to have protection from the sun. I think it must be different to see yourself in a mirror and not recognize who you are. I hope that all of that surgery did not cost him to lose his humanity. I remember him paying for kids in Juvenile Justice Center to attend his concert in South florida in the eighties, and paying for chaperones from the court, and transportation. This was a once in a lifetime for many of these kids, in his attempt to have a normal marriage, and a raise children Micheal has gone to some strange limits. But he did try marriage first. I dont like to see him hiding his childrens faces behind scarves. I think because of his appearance now so pale, he cann ot disquise himself in public.


02/16/2005 06:31:33 AM

RSB, For (you) once being a close friend of MJ..." Shame on your judgements! " Excellently written " stone casting! " amen.


02/11/2005 05:43:08 AM

I agree with what most here are saying.I don't entirely disagree with the Rabbi Boteach, Jackson had become something very sad imo. But, I agree with someone else on here--innocent until proiven guilty. And, I STILL think Mich.Jackson is a child emotionally.What has changed that we could think differently? It may be true that fame made his problems worse,but, I don't think that's most of it, I really don't, and while the Rabbi is obviously intelligent, I think he's missing something. I don't think Jackson is a crafty predator,I never even heard anyone say so-- I think he's a troubled person. I even doubt he's had sex with ANYONE. And behaving outrageously is HIM, I don't think it's a ploy for attention, not consciously anyway.


02/10/2005 12:55:54 PM

I think that Michael Jacksons diehard fans (some on this post) will remain fans whatever he is accused of. I agree with the Rebbe that MJ has become a shell of a man. Many of us who were listeners in the past are no longer. His lifestyle has become SO weird that many of us, my family included, think of him as more of a cartoon character. It's terribly sad to see such talent wasted but I cannot even listen to his early music anymore without getting a vision of the pathetic, disfigured being he's become.


02/08/2005 05:37:03 PM

Michael Jackson is innocent until proved guilty. Judge Melville is the best, and the people of Santa Maria and vicinity on his jury will decide his trial. The judgemental ex-friends and public will not matter in the trials outcome.


02/08/2005 03:37:09 PM

Reading behind the lines, it sounds as if Schmuley Boteach has an axe to grind. His article is not objective and hits below the belt in a very personal way. In fact, I ask myself, why he felt the need to write it at all. With regard to Michael Jackson's humanity - I would say he has shown a lot of it in the past and will continue to do so. In fact I would ask how much humanity Schmuley Boteach is showing by writing this article?


02/08/2005 06:13:48 AM

BS"D With respect to the article, I do not presume him guilty and I was not aware that his status as #1 Pop Icon ever wavered, let alone fell. If MJ is "crushed," we should all be so "devoid" of "stardom." Yeah, I could live with that. But I am no public figure nor do I desire to be one. Michael Jackson's alleged "royalty" staus is equivalent to that of Thomas Edison - a result of hard work and demonstrated personal achievement.


02/08/2005 12:21:16 AM

Celebrity brings a choice. One can be a "good" person and get certain accolades but be hemmed in by all manner of social-approval restrictions or one can be the "bad" person and have more personal freedom (after all, your market does not expect you to follow the rules and they, not the critics, are the ones who pay your bills) but Michael Jackson took a third role-weird. Now weird is cool, weird is fun, but if it becomes the real you, you are in trouble and this may be what happened. Fortunately for him, Michael Jackson does not really have to care about public opinion. All his lawyers have to do is persuade 1 person of his innocence. If that occurs, his fans will remain loyal, convinced of his vindication and if all 12 are convinced, he can go his merry way and probably make money off of the indignation that will follow from both sides. But, if his lawyers fail...


02/07/2005 11:42:36 PM

What he seems best at sacrificing is the good will of influential friends who've gone out on a limb for him in the past – by inexplicably exposing himself, seemingly without the slightest embarrassment, to the very same trouble again. I think it's partly a show of arrogance. If it was simply the result of insanity, I wouldn't expect the timing of his "sentiment inducing" specials to seem quite so impeccable. If he wanted to avoid a judgement in the court of public opinion, my suggestion would be for him to desist from tampering with the jury.


02/07/2005 10:18:33 PM

If jacko is already guilty in the court of public opinion how does anynoe expect the poor man to get a fiar trial. Insofar as he is already held guilty by presumption the american justice system is rotten, and america is doomed if a society is only as good as its public institutions


02/07/2005 08:32:25 PM

nnmns - I believe you've covered it.


02/07/2005 07:44:30 PM

Well, Shmuley is really picking the low-hanging fruit here. He's telling us Michael Jackson was spoiled by celebrity. There are more interesting and belief-related stories of similar nature he could tell. He could tell us how Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell or Rush Limbaugh, for instance, were spoiled by celebrity. That would be useful. This is just jumping on the bandwagon that Amy, in the adjoining article, has wisely vowed to stay off of.