An Interview with Twilight Star Robert Pattinson

The Twilight star opens up about the latest movie and what drives him as an actor.

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A couple of years ago in an interview, you talked about luck as an actor and how you felt that you were lucky, but that you had to prove you were worthy of that luck. Do you still feel that way?

Yeah, I think one of the most important things to have as an actor is unworthiness, because like in any art form, I like the people who hurt themselves doing it, and the more inexplicable you are to the general public… People who had quite a lot of success still think like it’s nothing to do with them. You feel your ego gets smaller and smaller and smaller the more success you get - no one really understands that. And if no one understands you, it makes you more interesting as a performer. So the more individual you become, the more successful you become in your art.

When you say hurt yourself, can you mention any examples?

It’s kind of pathetic, but it is a very typical thing. It is this unworthiness-like feeling. You wake up every day thinking, because your art and your product and your job are all just yourself, you can quite easily think that if you fail at your job, you take yourself home with you. (Laughs) So it’s this horrible feeling, and some actors can literally just think ‘I’m the best’ and they are unaffected by everything, and that seems amazing to me. But I like the beating yourself up aspect of it, there’s always something to prove. And nothing will ever be enough and it provides a kind of fire and energy.


It prevents you from being happy.

I’m happiest at that point, I’m happiest when I’m trying to prove myself, like when I’m just sitting around relaxing - there’s nothing to do. I would hate it if I felt like I’d come home after a day at work and think I did exactly what I was supposed to do today, well, why are you going to go into work tomorrow then? (Laughs)

Back to Twilight. This is a series about love, and I know you want to protect your private life so I won’t ask you any private questions but love in general. You are young, but do you think love changes through the different stages of life? And has the way you feel about it changed in any way for you?

I haven’t really thought about that. (Laughs) Yeah, not really since...

In Twilight, your character teaches Bella how to be a vampire. Did you give some pointers to Kristen?

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