David Lynch's Peace Plan

The filmmaker discusses his love for Transcendental Meditation--and why he's seeking $7 billion and 8,000 meditation students.

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As Maharishi teaches, mankind was not made to suffer. Bliss is our nature. Life should be blissful, and blissful doesn’t mean just a small happiness. It’s huge. It is profound. It’s like totality. This atma becomes brahma, totality. It’s there, it’s our potential, it’s our birthright to enjoy enlightenment. You just need to unfold it.

How do you take that sense of bliss and transcendence that you achieve while meditating and keep it with you beyond the 20 or 40 minutes a day that you’re meditating and make it really part of your life?

On the EEG machine, Dr. Fred Travis [a professor at the Maharishi University of Management] was showing the brain waves of a beginning meditator and a meditator of, I think, eight or 10 years. The experience of transcending is exactly the same. Transcending is transcending. So you see the total brain engaged in the beginning meditator, and you see the total brain engaged in the 10-year meditator. But the difference is, the beginning meditator doesn’t carry that inactivity in waking, sleeping, or dreaming. Whereas, the 10-year meditator, they see that even engaged in activity, the total brain, more and more, is holding that transcendence. Holding those qualities engaged in activity. And cosmic consciousness is when you have that 24/7, locked in.


And so, it’s something that grows. And as it grows, on the way to enlightenment, each day gets better. It’s not like you have to wait and wait and wait and suddenly you get the full present on Christmas—it gets better and better and better on the way to the full enchilada.

Do you feel like that highest level is something that you will achieve in some point in your own life?

I doubt it. I just know things are getting better. I’m not that worried about it. I just know that I truly believe, based on experiences that I’ve had, that it is completely possible. It’s very special. It’s divine. It doesn’t happen overnight.

"You’re in a elevator, and they snipped the cables..."
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