Candace Cameron Bure: 'God's My Best Friend'

The former 'Full House' child star talks about being a Christian in Hollywood and actors who use faith for publicity.


07/11/2009 01:56:18 PM

Steve - I believe you summed it up quite well. As humans, we are designed to either run or fight - Jesus showed his true role on earth and in Heaven by doing neither. He stayed and took the sins of the world upon Himself. It would have been easy to create a diversion by using a miracle or two or He could have demanded that a battle begin. The fact that He showed His love for us rather than the love for Himself, is a testimony to who He really is...our saviour. That is not to say that I don't believe in war...I do but only if necessary to protect our home and loved ones, or to stop evil that has not been stopped by any other means. I don't believe in wars for possessions. God knows all of our hearts and only helps us if we are doing the right thing. I believe this is why we have been successful in the wars we have been in. Vietnam was being handled by a couple of people who didn't have the right things in their hearts and it cost us there. Bravo to those who feel God and embrace Him as their leader. In His name we can always be winners. Lynne


07/12/2008 12:26:11 AM

There is a question of definition when the idea of a good person is addressed. What makes a good person? Is it good enough to be good? Goodness is certainly helpful in social relations, but goodness for a follower of Nietzsche (or an emperor) is certainly defined differently than it is for a follower of Jesus. Thus, it is important to stipulate that goodness finds experiential definition within the context of a dedicated community that has agreement on important articles of faith. Jesus accepted death on the cross over leading an armed rebellion against the Roman Empire or the leaders of Judaism. That sacrifice says a great deal about his committment to non-violent reconciliation. I believe that he believed in a God of love. Steve K.