All-Star Christian

Baseball slugger Mike Piazza on praying for home runs, forgiving opponents, and passing judgment on Barry Bonds.


09/16/2007 09:03:46 PM

Irishlad7496 suggests that "it is the little things that matter to God so why not pray for them". Perhaps he is right that it is the little things that seem to matter with 'God' as the hypothetical being seems to be completely disinterested in the big things, like cancer, etc. But then, the gods' of the religions have always been small-minded, concerned, as they all seem to be, with how we dress, what we eat, and what position or direction we pray in, etc. And just why would 'God' want "a personal relationship"?


08/30/2007 12:54:10 PM

There's the verse in the Bible that says take the log out of your eye before pointing out the speck in your brother's eye. It's very easy for us to point out flaws in other people but we often ignore looking at ourselves and examining our actions/attitudes. I think it's perfectly fine to pray for parking spots and the little things in life. It's the little things that matter to God so why not pray for them. He wants us to pray all the time, not necessarily when we just need things but a constant conversation with Him. After all it's a personal relationship He wants, not just a one-way phone line.


08/25/2007 09:23:15 AM

Exactly Protestant_irish who are YOU to judge?


07/11/2007 10:04:02 AM

Ya, Mike Piazza is really deep and spiritual...him and his "playmate" only dates. I suppose the Pope will come out and say depicting yourself as a sex object is ok? Ya right, Go "Catholic" Mike Go!


07/11/2007 08:55:41 AM

I think God has more important things to get involved in than a sporting event, a parking space close to the mall entrance or dinner reservations. We should be more worried about having the strength, wisdom and our God given abilities to get through life.


07/09/2007 12:20:12 AM

I would never knew he was a Catholic with his actions off the court. I remember some years back he was on metal show that osme of artist mock Christian faith. He also dating and possble married a playboy mate. So though are not most christians thing to do, but hey who i am judge ?