Interview with Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar

The New Baby's Name

The Duggar Family

Have you decided on a new name for the new baby?

Michelle Duggar: We've got a lot to choose from! We haven't even started voting. As a family we all get together and vote on the [names] that we like best. And at this point, we don't know if it's a girl or a boy, so we're looking at both lists.

Any top contenders?

Michelle Duggar: Daddy likes Julie if it's a girl. I think he's kind of been hoping for a Julie along the way.

Jim Bob Duggar: And boy names, everything from Joel to…

Michelle Duggar: Jerry or Jerry Benjamin we had talked about at one time.

Jim Bob Duggar: But the kids have a list. They've got like 50 boy's names and 50 girl names, I think.

Michelle Duggar: And the older girls have a pretty good pull these days. They've got all these neat newer ideas of names that they like.

Jim Bob Duggar: It used to be Michelle or I would draw out a name and we'd both say, "Hey that sounds good." And we'd just make the decision. But now we have a lot more people that have their input in the decision.

Michelle Duggar: It's a family affair. It's a lot of fun coming up with a name. And the meaning—there's so many rich meanings, the background behind the name that even adds more to that. The older children love to get into this and talk about it.

Jim Bob Duggar: Right. But one thing is about 99 percent sure. It will start with a "J." Unless we start a new theme.

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