Interview with Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar

The stars of the hit reality TV show "18 Kids and Counting," talk about possible names for their new baby, how they keep their marriage alive, what they say to their critics, and why they won't allow their faith edited out of the show.


10/22/2009 03:38:08 PM

I gather a ton of strength from your family. I agree with all you do and believe in. I feel taht God is in control and it is his decision what happens in our lives although we are free to make decisions. May your family continue to grow and your faith continue to inspire others.


10/17/2009 03:53:21 PM

Michelle & Jim, God bless you! I came from a large family of 6 children and I can honestly say I loved it. I always had a friend to play with and meal times were fun especially during the holidays. If I could have, I would have had a larger family than the 3 children I have. But I am greatful everyday for the blessings of the 3 I do have. I wish you and your family all the blessings in the world and enjoy every moment together. Karen


10/10/2009 11:33:23 AM

In response to Gomezy3k, I don't see why you worry about the woman's health when her doctors are not. I strongly believe God has everything to do with creation and the Duggars family's contributions. I happen to come from a family of 7 siblings. I am glad my parents had that much because that is all we have. God choses how His earth will be replenished. My 2 siblings and I are battling with infertility plus we have a brother who is not going to have children either because he is a priest. You see I am glad we have the Duggards. So long as they are able to provide for their children (further to the replenishing the earth quote is a command to "...conquer the earth"). The Duggars are doing just that. They are not letting the earth conquer them, they are providing for and loving those children. We praise God for His gifts through them. Did I also mention that I have 2 friends and my sister's 3 friends who also can't have children due to infertility...and lots of people I know in Europe who, because of personal choices, "do not want" to have children. That answers all those who think the world is over-populated because of the Duggars. Please don't worry about common has nothing to do in this case. God is in control and I praise Him for watching over the Duggars.


10/10/2009 09:36:02 AM

People who leave everything to "god" amaze me. Surely "god" also wants people to have common sense too. When it was written go and replenish the earth I somehow do not think he meant for one family to do it. Surely having all those children is taking a terrible toll on the woman's health. And while they may be able to provide for the children, I find it hard to believe that any sort of real quality of life can be achieved unless they are millionaires. I find the whole thing sad instead of inspiring.


10/10/2009 07:32:20 AM

I think they are great role models for someone with no kids, three kids, or 18. The lack of disfunction in their lives shows that the way they live is better than how most of us live. If more people had the morals, values, and beliefs they have the news would be all about sports because people wouldnt be killing their own children, cheating on wives in a political role or non political, killing people who were friends an hour ago. This world needs to get back to basics and that is what this family does, lives by the basics, loving one another, accepting another persons opinion, among many other things. the comment is so true she says about if you get along with family first you will get along with others, and people just dont get along, which is why children have early pregnancies, (for love not found at home) which is why children join gangs (a family they never had). The Duggars are people who should be respected not just for living what they believe and not being hypocrits but how they live is almost unheard of today which is why people are negative about it. they do not live off the state, children always look presentable and the happiness is not phony. They definitely have something I want for myself and my family.


10/08/2009 04:04:13 PM

While I do not agree with their beliefs as the only right way, I think that it is shameful how people persecute them and say such nasty things about them. There are still many large families in the US, and unless you would rather the US be taken over by people of other religions who also do not believe in birth control, I would bless these people who do and let it go. We do not tell you how to live, let them live the way they want to.


10/08/2009 01:53:29 AM

Personally, i think the Duggars are role models--not because of the number of kids they have had (or are still having), but because they follow the voice in their hearts, regardless of what the world thinks or says. And from what I can see, they are doing quite well. Frankly, i dont care much about what the world thinks is right or wrong anymore... coz for all its "wisdom," the world is going to the dogs. In fact, it already has. Until recently, I blindly followed all the advice i could get from magazines, with their "expert opinions." This is how you should spice up your love life. This is how many kids you should have. This is how you work up the ladder. This is how you rise above others. I followed these suggestions. And all i got in return was a load of heartache. So, i put the magazines away and picked up the Bible. And i am happier now. In fact, i've never been so happy all my life. And the Duggars are blessed too. They follow the Word of God, so i am sure God is happy with them. The kids are well-mannered and responsible, so society should be happy too. They are debt-free, which means they are happy. I dont see any reason why they should no be commended for their way of life. I wish them the best.


10/07/2009 11:05:04 PM

I'm surprised to see such hateful comments on website like Beliefnet. I find the Duggars to be very inspiring and thoughtful people and I only wish their show had been on when my children were young!


10/06/2009 12:50:55 PM

I don't care whether this family has the resources to provide adequate care for large numbers of offspring--this is attention-seeking irresponsibility whose message is, "Look at how pious we are!" And even if they are all gooey-happy, they may inspire other families to emulate them in piety and fecundity, with potentially tragic results. This family should not be viewed as a role model for anything, but as a cautionary example of shallow religiosity.


10/06/2009 12:28:50 PM

I am the last of 10 kids. Sorry, but parents can NOT meet the emotional, physical, and spirtiual needs of that many kids. THere just is not enough hours in the day. It is wrong and unethical to make kids without thought to how that next child will impact the ones already with feet on the ground. I hope the media and America will stop paying attention to the Duggars. They are NO example to follow or admire. I pitty their children.


10/05/2009 06:31:12 PM

I personally don't care how many children a couple wants to produce as long as they can care for them in a responsible way, both emotionally, physically and financially. Both of my parents are the eldest of 5 siblings and in their time that was considered quite typical. However, looking at an extreme like the Duggars, they inspire me to continue advocating responsible birth control (not everybody can afford 20 children, and, let’s face it, some people should not even have 1) and to always have some free condoms on hand at parties. Does that count as being inspired? On a side note, I really have to shake my head at all this ‘god’ talk. To me this is basic biology: sperm meets egg, possible infant ensues. Any barnyard animal is capable of the same without a belief in god, or being married, for that matter. I’m not saying life isn’t wonderful or miraculous, but to assign God to be your personal brand of condoms is asinine.


10/05/2009 12:41:20 PM

The King James version of the Bible expressly talks of "dancing" in a positive manner.


10/05/2009 12:35:32 PM

Though I applaud the Dugger parents for the fantastic family morals and values, not to mention the children are so well mannered, is it fair to continue to produce children in mass quantities....Is this considered a "children mill" of sorts? Your children are in most aspects taking care of the younger children which your other children did not have a say in your having. The Dugger parents behave as though they are sex starved teenagers. It is easy for Jim Bob to talk about how Michelle looks like she is having her first baby, he constantly boinks and as a typical man he cant wait until she can breed again. Where do you two bunnies have time to do the deed and produce a child every single year....Is that what God really intends, or are the duggers misrepresenting God and Church.


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