Marion Ross's 10 Ways to Have 'Happy Days'

The memorable mom from TV's "Happy Days," soon to star in the Hallmark Channel Original Movie "Flower Girl," shares her tips for living a joyful life.


12/16/2010 10:57:46 AM

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11/08/2009 01:31:44 PM

i would like to responed to Mrs. Marrion Ross on how to :have happy days, first to start your day off , should of you not of said to start your day off to have happy days, start with praying to GOD for divine guidence an then reading his HOLY word to know what to do each day the way JESUS wants us to, then the rest of waht you said can fall into place with great ease, if its not so easy well then with GOD, he will help you an all of us to get through what ever task at hand, an this is what will make for " happier days


11/04/2009 03:52:16 PM

I hate to be a negative nellie, but some of that stuff just rang of polyanna to me

11/04/2009 09:17:19 AM

What an admirable sense of goodness she still has; the kind of urgings that deserve following. That atti- tude that whatever comes will come(on Happy Days) still impresses me. Her advice to get things started early(I.e., fresh air, a good breakfast, fun experiences) compels me to respect her even more, and get going. A nice mother -- the kind all of us may wish for.