Ernie Hudson: A Voice of Faith

The veteran actor, currently of NBC's "Heroes" and known for past roles in "Ghostbusters" and HBO's "Oz," talks about his new audio Bible project and his issues with how spirituality is portrayed on "Heroes."

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But, I think it helps some people to bring it to life. There are certain people who maybe have difficulties with the language, reading or writing. It's very hard sometimes to take these characters and give them the human quality. And so, when you hear the characters being portrayed by the different voices, the sound effects, I think it gives another dimension to the Bible that a lot of people have never really experienced. So it would be very helpful.

For some people who do have a really strong imagination, they may find they like their own image better. But, for a lot of people, to be able to, in their car or to be able to sit and listen and hear the different voices, I think it'll bring it to life in a very different way.


And the fact that they're probably familiar with the voices of their favorite celebrities, I think that's going to help, too.

What celebrities hope is that people identify not so much that they're particularly special or different, but they identify with them.We represent life in general, the guy who does whatever. So, hearing the voices, it helps put them in context of modern day. These were people just like we're people.


Did playing the role of Peter give you a new perspective on your own faith?


Every day sort of helps bring that into more clarity. Every time you think you reach a certain point, life unfolds in a way and you kind of go, wow, I see it from a broader perspective, there's a little more light that sort of comes in.

Playing the character and just being involved in this project sort of deepened or opened it up in a even more revealing way and just brought more awareness to his commitment to Christ and his commitment to his faith and to his fellow man. It made me more aware of just my commitment to Christ, to my fellow man, to all that we are as human beings living this experience.

You recently joined the cast of "Heroes." Can you tell us a little bit about your new role? Were you familiar with the show before you signed on?

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