Jim Caviezel: The Power of 'Moral Reminders' in Film

The actor who played Jesus in "Passion of the Christ" talks about his new film and how his movie roles help him grow.


09/15/2010 06:01:21 PM

I know James from his movies only. I never really thought much about James until he came to our church and spoke to us. He seemed like a very impassioned individual who was on a mission to deliver a message of peace. I feel he wants us to see what he may have been a witness to or if his life has always been touched by the devout faith he has in God. Some say they beleive in God, but it has become clear to me that maybe we all don't really get what God's plan is for us and we question the reasons for our suffering or the apperance of it. I plan to try and learn to open my eyes wide open and embrace my struggles and my triumphs without question and know that this is all in God's plan. To forgive and learn from life as much as possible. Life is short and death is inevitable. The Kingdom of heaven awaits those who believe and can take that leap of faith. What do we have to lose.