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Jane Fonda: From Agnosticism to Christianity

Jane Fonda in Monster-in-Law

Jane Fonda publicly announced her Christian conversion in 2001, shortly after her divorce from media mogul Ted Turner, a staunch atheist, her husband for 10 years. "I always assumed [I was raised] as an atheist, " Jane Fonda told Beliefnet in a 2005 interview. "Looking back now, I guess it was more an agnostic upbringing. My father's parents were Christian Science practitioners. Things began to change for me--as I think they do for many people--when I was in crisis." In a 2006 interview with Charlie Rose, she also stated that her conversion upset Turner and may have played a role in their divorce.

Fonda refers to her new Christian faith as her "spiritual home." "I think it's partly that I live in Georgia; it's partly that it's my culture. …I wasn't attracted to Buddhism although I really respect it. I wasn't attracted to Islam although I really respect it. Or Judaism. I'm attracted to Jesus."

--Dena Ross

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