Top 10 Recent Celebrity Converts

From Katie Holmes converting to Scientology, Madonna embracing Kabbalah, and Snoop Dogg joining the Nation of Islam, celebrities left and right are converting to religions they weren't born into. Here are the Top 10 Recent Celebrity Converts.


02/07/2012 01:57:16 PM

Michael Jackson was killed solely BECAUSE of his conversion to islam. It has been confirmed by court that he was killed and did not die naturally. And that it was a homicide committed by his "doctor" murderer. In my opinion Michael Jackson's death was a political issue, and it had to speedily take place because he was a Muslim. I must honestly say all this out clearly here! Its extremely kind of Beliefnet to openly acknowledge it here that he really had converted to islam! Thanx!


05/02/2010 01:23:24 AM

It's good to hear that Snoop wants to belong to something peaceful. But I sincerely pray that he is guided to real and true Islam.


11/29/2009 05:27:12 AM

kabbalah Let's discuss about kabbalah and Madonna :)


10/03/2009 01:41:11 PM

And we can't forget Ivana Trump, who just finished her Orthodox conversion to Judaism. She's getting married next week to someone I knew growing up. Nice nice guy.


05/03/2009 03:14:23 PM

When, exactly, did Kabbalah, that is - Jewish Mysticism - become a religion for Madonna to "embrace"?? Well, at least she (and all the other people who have embraced - what is it, Kabbalism?, doesn't hate Jews so I guess if she found something good in Judaism we should just let her do her thing.