Suggested Celebrity New Year's Resolutions 2009

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Oh, Madonna. Is there a year that you


go through the wringer, between marriage issues, albums that don't seem to perform up to expectations, and trying to balance family and a world tour? You're a Superwoman if ever there was one. But this year, while your body and musical body of work show no signs of eroding, the now is what requires your attention. The divorce from Guy is happening, and there are three children to think of.

Of course quality child care is available for someone with infinite cash flow, but for children, that does not replace a mother. Hopefully, Madonna's new year's resolution is to come to resolutions about child-rearing that involve her soon-to-be-ex and provide the kids with the support they need during this time. It's all fine and good to dance out your frustrations on-stage, because it's kind of like an acceptable "acting out." For children, "acting out" is rarely considered a professional performance. Sticky and sweet, indeed.

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