Suggested Celebrity New Year's Resolutions 2009

Esther Kustanowitz suggests 2009 New Year's Resolutions for Britney Spears, Jennifer Aniston, Amy Winehouse, Madonna, and more high profile celebrities.


09/24/2009 03:13:40 AM

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09/24/2009 03:13:06 AM

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01/06/2009 01:27:05 AM

Polka, this isn't a Christian website. It's a website dedicated to ALL forms of religious and spiritual expression. As for Governor Palin, I'm sorry, but uninformed and intellectually NON-curious is a BAD mix for national office. It's not good for a Governor, either, but I don't live in Alaska, so I don't have to live with the consequences of her actions at this time. It's not a question of 'perky', it is a question of qualifications and quality. Do you really want someone who doesn't understand the effects of nuclear fallout on a planetary scale to have to power to nuke someone? Do you really want someone who has no desire to be informed on issues to make decisions that impact 300 MILLION lives? And, for the love of all that is holy, if you don't KNOW something, COP TO NOT KNOWING IT! Don't spend 15 minutes trying to tapdance around the issue! I have NO love for Katie Couric, but she asked precisely the questions that the American people needed answered.


01/05/2009 03:24:58 PM

I would have thought that this Christian website would not be so liberal in their views. To compare Sarah Palin to Britney, Modanna and others………shame on you. Her interview with Katie Couric illustrated just one point to “conservatives” like me, and that is that media as well as your website are just too liberal for my taste. I admire and respect Sarah Palin for many reasons and I don’t find anything wrong with her being “perky”.


01/01/2009 07:34:53 PM

Celebities lives are not real lives, they are just in the public eye too much. We like to see others screw up it makes us feel better about ourselves. I am certainly not one to judge them, they are living their lives they way they choose to live them. I do agree about the baby names though it is obnoxious. Why don't these celebs think about what kind of impact these name will have on their kids lives? I say go ahead and screw up your own life if you want to but don't screw up your kids lives as well! Think about it!!!!


12/31/2008 09:02:20 AM

Do celebrities really behave that much more badly than everyone else? I doubt it, they just have it splashed all over the papers. Of course when they are having dinner with their children and doing normal stuff it's not in the papers. Many of them do fundraisers and charity work that gets modest coverage. Personally, I'm glad nobody had a camera on me for some of the stuff I did when I was Britney's age.


12/30/2008 05:13:21 PM

I think that both Britney and Amy are in need of an intervention, so to me it's a tie.


12/24/2008 02:51:10 PM

Admire your optimism that celebrities might engage in some positive behavior :) Probably falling on deaf ears, but it's this sort of thing, in part, that makes them celebrities, right? If they didn't behave badly, would we notice them so much? For us non-celebrities, I'd like to contribut this list of New Year's Resolutions for 2009 that save money.