She’s Still Got It: Interview with Author Liz Curtis Higgs

New York Times best-selling author Liz Curtis Higgs shares her latest non-fiction book and how it's OK to be a bad girl.

BY: Corine Gatti


Blond and vivacious, New York Times best-selling author Liz Curtis Higgs who has authored 30 books, was uncomfortable in a lavender scarf draped around her neck after a television interview. Removing the floral accessory, she asked to get to know me better.

Wait a second; is this the same sassy lady who wrote the Bad Girls of the Bible series and she wants my story? Higgs is warm and not condescending, if she was, this would be a short introduction. In her newest release, The Girl’s Still Got It. Higgs attacks the story of Ruth and Naomi weaving plenty of color, flare and intensity. It’s alright to relate to the “bad girl” says Higgs, who came to body of Christ at 27. She was one herself.

Tell us why you wrote about Ruth?

The Girl’s Still Got It is a word for all of my sisters, whether they’re 40, 50, 60, 70, or 80 years old, they still got it. Ruth’s story is 3200 years old and her story still speaks to us. There is a universal and timelessness to this story. It speaks to everybody on one level or another. When we meet Ruth she’s a young widow. She’s married to Mahlon which name means weakness or infertility. So he never fathers a child, and Ruth would have thought it was her fault because back in the day it was always the woman’s fault. She was the barren one. The one God shut her womb. That’s why it’s so delicious that she marries an older man, Boaz, and he fathers a child instantly. You have Ruth the Moabite (descendants of Lot), and Israel hated the Moabites because they came out of Lot and his two daughters. So God to have chosen this woman, Ruth, to be in the linage of David and the linage of Christ is breathtaking. And to put Ruth with a man whose mother was a prostitute (Rahab) and also originally a gentile. Wow, only God. It shows that he’s still at work.

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