Bear Grylls Talks Man vs. Life

Famous survivalist, Bear Grylls, talks about his new book and how the extreme lengths of his job helped him become an inspirational figure.

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Bear Grylls is famous for his seven season Discovery Channel series - Man vs. Wild. Grylls is known for his extreme adventurous acts: drinking his own urine to stay hydrated, eating bugs for energy, jumping off cliffs and living amongst wild animals. In his book A Survival Guide For Life: How to Achieve Your Goals, Thrive in Adversity, and Grow in Character, Grylls talks about how his adventures have helped him through life. Each excursion has helped Grylls understand the reality of life and how to combat every day struggles that everyone faces.

What makes this book different from the other books you’ve written?

It is all about how you can get ahead in your life, achieve your goals, thrive in adversity and grow in character. Mud sweat and tears was my story, this is lessons learnt the hard way from that story I guess!

In the book you say, “Success requires sacrifice.” – What sacrifices have you had to make in life? What was the toughest sacrifice that you’ve had to endure?


Being told I would possibly not walk again after my parachuting accident whilst I was with 21SAS was a bad one, as was the years after the military of charging around on a dime trying to raise funds to climb Everest. The greatest sacrifices though have been in terms of risk and near death moments and with a young family that has been a hard one for me emotionally.

In the book you say, “To put your ego aside and let people help you.” How long did it take you to learn this yourself? Was there a specific revelation or moment when you realized that helpful piece of wisdom?

I am still learning it! But I know that ego is always such an obstacle for people and that when we refuse to be vulnerable enough to ever reach out for help or we refuse to share the limelight when things are swinging our way then we are always weaker for it in every sense.

In regards to criticism and cowards – you discuss how cowards are the main criticizers. Can you discuss an instance where you experienced criticism and how / what you did to overcome it.

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