A Review on Michael Vick's Book Finally Free

Whether or not you believe that he's a changed man, Vick shares the good and bad of his life.


09/28/2012 08:47:11 AM

Let me start by saying that I am NOT a BIG, Mike Vick #7 of the Eagles fan. I am a firm supporter of the man underneath the pads and jersey. The man who has to look his wife and kids in the eye each and every morning of his life. If his wife and kids forgave him that gives him all the validation he needs here on this planet. Mike Vick will truly know whether God forgave him when he stands at the judgement, just like myself and everyone else who has walked this earth. A majority of John the Baptist and Christ's message dealt with this same issue, repentance and forgiveness. Last time I checked, it seems we all have work to do, no one has arrived yet. Another Micheal said it best lets start with the "Man in the Mirror". Drop the stones and allow God to be the judge!