Inspiring Wisdom from a Basketball Star's Mom

Lucille O'Neal, mother of superstar athlete Shaquille O'Neal, shares 10 tips on how to change your life for the better.


04/17/2010 09:32:01 PM

I really enjoyed reading your words of wisdom. I am currently doing on-line college. I agree it is very challenging. I even thought about quitting after my 2nd quarter - but I decided I can do this. I am now in my 4th quarter and it is not easy, but I will not give up. I also can't wait to read your book. Thank you Lucille and God bless you!


03/31/2010 11:21:05 AM

Love these types of stories. Lucille's is inspiring .... Can't wait to read it!


03/31/2010 01:13:05 AM

Thanks for this. Ms. O'Neal's words are very wise and inspiring. I can't wait to read her book.



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